It’s always a little sad, once the Christmas decorations have been put away, no more tinsel or fairy lights for a year now, and the house can feel a little emptier for it. It’s maybe a good time to have a think about breathing a bit of life and colour in to the home again. Painters and decorators in Surrey have some sure fire tips to help.

Surely the simplest solution to begin with is to move the furniture around. Just by rearranging the sofa and chairs, or the bed and dresser, you can achieve a sense of a whole new space, but while it still feels very much like home. And best of all, it’s completely free to do.

You might have some older wooden furniture, like bed side tables, or a dresser, and it’s easy to breathe fresh life in to them by sanding them down, and a couple of coats of white chalk paint. It will add some vintage glamour to your room.

We all need to stop hoarding and have a purge every now and then. Go through the entire house, and get rid of all those long forgotten and unused or wanted items that are gathering dust. Charity shops gladly accept unwanted clothes in good condition, and don’t forget to recycle that pile of magazines that will never get read again. There’s a calendar of monthly cleaning and clearing tasks in Ideal Home magazine.

Sometimes it’s not enough to simply rearrange things, and should you be considering giving rooms a totally new look, get in touch with our expert painters and decorators in Surrey to completely revamp your home.