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Best Eco-Friendly Paint Brands in UK


Adding a coat of paint to a building or furniture enhances its aesthetic appearance. However, until recently, many people did not know how painting their buildings affected the environment. Today, there is an emerging alternative known as eco-friendly paints in UK. These are paints that release lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to a building’s interior, are odour-free, and have less impact on the environment. Before we talk about the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, let’s see the benefits of these paints.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paints

Environmentally friendly paints have several outstanding benefits in comparison to others. These advantages include:

Less VOC Release

Volatile organic compounds found in commercial paint brands are dangerous. This is because the chemical waste left behind by the VOCs does not decompose and is non-recyclable. On the flip side, eco-friendly paints have little or no traces of these chemicals, making them less harmful to the environment.

Lower health Risk

Eco-friendly paints are an excellent choice for your home, especially if you have pets and children or someone with respiratory conditions, such as asthma. That is because these paints are less toxic, produce fewer fumes, and you can use them conveniently without compromising on quality.


When it comes to prices, eco-friendly paints may be more expensive than their regular cousins, but they can save you a substantial amount in the long run. Due to their low levels of VOCs, you will stay healthy. Additionally, ‘green’ paints have been proven to have higher quality, abrasion resistance, viscosity, and colour retention.

Low Adverse Effect on the Environment

As their name suggests, eco-friendly paint is designed while keeping the environment in mind. They are non-toxic. Additionally, eco-friendly dyes produce less waste and significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

5 Eco-Friendly Paint Brands Available in UK Market

You have a whole variety of environmental-friendly paint brands in UK market, but there are those you should keep an eye on. In this section, you will learn about the best choices you can make to ensure your family’s health and the environment is safe:

1. Earthborn

This is one of the eco-friendly paints brands in UK that offer quality with almost zero VOCs. Earthborn prides itself on being the holder of the Eco label for Indoor Paints and Varnishes, a licence given by the EU. The brand has an extensive array of aesthetically appealing shades that come with the standard for Safety of Toys and are highly breathable. This makes the paints convenient for your children’s toys, room, and furniture.

2. Lick

Lick is well-known eco-friendly paint brand in UK, which has partnered with 4ocean to ensure the cleanliness of water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and seas. This shows how much the brand is concerned about the environment and your family’s health. It is designed using a water-based formula with a low VOC content.

3. Little Greene

Besides being environmentally conscious, Little Greene is a brand that focuses on corporate social responsibility. There is an extensive array of Little Greene paints, some of which are suitable for exterior use. The company has partnered with the National Trust, a charity that works on paint research. A percentage of the buying price of every tin goes towards these research projects. Additionally, Little Greene’s paints are of high quality, that additionally makes it one of the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, and the brand claims that their products have 40% more pigments than other paints. 50% of the material used in making the tins is recycled steel, which you can re-recycle after emptying its contents.

4. Edward Bulmer

Edward Bulmer has become a household name when it comes to eco-friendly paint brands in UK. Besides being plastic-free, the vast array of shades in this brand is microporous, which means that the surfaces they are applied to have a breathing space. The ingredients are what make these paints earth-friendly. They are made from plant raw materials, such as linseed oil, and mineral raw materials, such as earth, chalk, and mineral pigments.

5. Graphenstone

One of the outstanding features of Graphenstone paints is that they contain organic lime, which is responsible for the absorption of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. Reports show that the amount of CO2 that three 15-litre Graphenstone paint tins absorb in one year is equivalent to the one absorbed by a fully grown tree. Besides the CO2 absorption, these paints’ cans are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

In the UK, the number of of eco-friendly paint brands in the market is overwhelming. They come in all sorts of colours, quantities, and price ranges. However, as you shop for your next paint for your home’s interior, exterior, or furniture, you need to be mindful of how that paint can affect your family’s health and the environment. That is why it is recommendable to consider the above-explained best eco-friendly paint brands in UK. The paint options mentioned in the article are environmentally friendly and are available in almost all paint distributors in the UK. It would be wise to consider Bourne Decorators to get a paint that satisfies your needs.

Care for two, environment and you!

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Best Paints for Kitchen Walls, Cabinets, and Ceilings


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and everyone understands its role in their family. This space serves several purposes: preparing your favourite meals to host your female guests. There are many ways you can create an impression of your kitchen; one of them is through your choice of paint. Picking the ideal colours for your kitchen is necessary and a practical approach to elevating the space and giving some charm and character. Let’s see the best paints for a kitchen that will save you from redoing the walls and save money and time.

Best Paint for Kitchen Walls

The colour on your kitchen walls has the most significant impact on the general appeal of the whole kitchen layout. You should select a colour that complements the other components of the room while displaying a warm and friendly feeling.

Here is the best paint for kitchen walls that you should consider.

Pale Green

Pale green can make a fantastic paint colour option to feature on your kitchen walls. Its soft green appearance makes it easier for you to match it with darker cabinets and window frames. The good thing about this paint on kitchen walls is that your space achieves excellent light distribution.


White seems to fit in every home setting, and your kitchen is no different. The colour is almost impossible to ignore, and everybody entering your kitchen will love it. Moreover, white fits perfectly in virtually all colour combinations while promoting a clean and neat environment.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is not an everyday shade to feature on your kitchen walls, but you can choose to go with it to bring out an extra fun feel. This shade is bright, providing an ideal light distribution across the entire room, allowing you to take advantage of daylight and save power. The colour goes well when blended with patented tiles.

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets also have a significant impact on the general feel of your kitchen, and you may need to invest in selecting the best paint for kitchen cabinets. We have already talked about some colour combinations for kitchen available that are compatible with modern and retro cabinet designs. Here are some options to consider while choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

Hunter Green

You may have come across kitchen cabinets that feature the hunter green shade in movies and other visual entertainment scenes. Including cabinets in this colour option will guarantee a fresh and modern look, and the good thing is that it matches a variety of colours. You can achieve a brighter layout if you paint your walls white and install funky tiled flooring.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is the perfect colour for all the houses around the farm or for homeowners who aim to achieve this rural vibe in their spaces. You can never go wrong with a shade of green in your kitchen as it creates a more natural environment, almost similar to a laid-back outdoor retreat experience; that’s why it is one of the best paint for kitchen cabinets for rustic vibes. Setting up a breakfast counter in wooden touch or a dining set will blend perfectly while making the space feel open.

Poppy Mint

For all those cravings, a retro-look that ideally brings out the old day’s memories, poppy mint is the best paint colour for your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets painted with this colour create an oldies essence and seem to blend with retro appliances perfectly. The good thing about poppy mint is that it keeps your kitchen area simple and leaves your space feeling more spacious.

Best Paint for Kitchen Ceilings

A significant number of homeowners tend to ignore their kitchen ceilings despite their impact on your kitchen’s appeal and your entire home. A kitchen featuring a correctly painted ceiling creates a warm and pleasing colour scheme, bringing your house a step closer to achieving a family-friendly environment. The following are some of the best paint options that are worth considering for your kitchen ceiling.


Black may seem like an odd colour to feature on your kitchen ceilings. However, designers globally find this colour option among the best paint for kitchen ceilings, especially if walls feature lighter and brighter hues. White walls and a black ceiling are common in most modern kitchens; white ensures adequate light distribution in the entire room, while black takes up all the attention.

Light Blue

Light blue is another colour that is the almost perfect paint for your kitchen ceiling. It leaves the room feeling airy and tight, primarily because it resembles and reminds people of the sky. The higher your tops, the darker the shade of blue for the ideal feel for your space.

Crisp White

Crisp white is probably the most common colour to paint your ceilings; primarily because of the warm feeling it provides your space. Painting your ceiling with bright colours will require lighter shades on your walls for a more natural feel. The plus side of using this colour is that you get to take advantage of daylight, saving you on power and electricity expenses.

There are numerous colour options you can use to paint your kitchen. Whichever options you choose, ensure that they complement each other and sum up with a warm and comforting colour scheme that will leave all your visitors awed. Reach out to Bourne Decorators for more information.

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Best Colour Combinations for your Homes


Colours are crucial parts of our lives. Whether it is our clothes, accessories, or even home, combinations of colours drive our moods. It would be right to conclude that colours play a pivotal role in everything we do.

Everyone is generally inclined towards a colour or two and feels more connected to, isn’t it? Choosing a colour for the interiors becomes more important so that it resonates with you while being timeless at the same time. As you don’t change the paint every day, it is imperative to choose the right colour combinations for your home that are an expression of your personality.

There are some inevitable mistakes that people make while choosing the colours to paint their home. But don’t worry! We are here to make your life much easier. So, without any further ado, let’s head to the timeless go-to colour combinations to make your home more beautiful!

Two Best Colour Combinations for Bedroom

Grey and White

Grey is a neutral colour; the best advantage of using grey is that it aligns well with many shades. In contrast, it will add to the serenity of the space. Grey and White are a perfectly balanced colour combination for your bedroom walls. It is always good to choose peaceful and elegant colours, particularly for your bedroom, as they should produce a sense of calmness.

Lavender and Off-White

It would accentuate the interior decors, whether it is modern or classic. You may choose to showcase some artwork on your bedroom walls. Lavender will enhance the appeal of art pieces, while off-white would add some much-needed tranquility to your bedroom.

These suggested colours will not only give you an elite bedroom but also usher in a lot of positivity. If you are looking for a refreshing yet peaceful interior, then you can try these two colour combinations.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Kitchen

You would find designer and modular kitchens almost in every UK home nowadays. There are plenty of styles and themes to choose from, like blends of slightly dark yet cooler shades, neutral palettes with adventurous solid streaks of grey, white or blue. Let us give you some colour schemes recommended by experts that are just perfect for every kitchen.

Indigo and White

These two colours will make your kitchen look more luxurious and spacious. This colour combination is perhaps the best when it comes to class and timelessness, according to experts.

Green & White

There is definitive proof that Green can work in any kitchen. If you are looking for a unique blend, then Green and White is probably the answer for you. Give your kitchen a lively look. With Green in it, you and your relatives would want to spend every minute in this very kitchen. Be ready for it! It will completely transform the soul of your home into a gorgeous space that is sure to stimulate your senses and make your cooking session truly a delight.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Living Room

Your living room is perhaps the most visited and engaged area of your home, primarily when guests and relatives are visiting. Make sure you decorate and paint it perfectly with eye-catching colours that instantly fill the hearts with joy and happiness. Here are some expert-recommended palettes which will set the mood for your living space.

Cobalt Blue & Beige

Take the ambience of your living room to the next level with a vibrant burst of cobalt. Just make sure; however, you don’t overplay with the colour. Combine it with lighter tones of beige to get a bespoke look and yet feel classic. Make it creative and unique by incorporating brown leather accents.

Red, Green or Purple with a blend of White

According to a study, these are some of the most used colours in the UK, particularly in the living room. Combine any of these colours with white or off white to get a perfect living room. You can paint one wall with something as bold and bright as red and let it be the accent wall to attract everyone’s attention.

For compact living spaces, brighter shades often do wonders. But if space is not a constraint, you can go for Royal Hues such as Dark green or purple.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Bathroom

People are shifting towards a minimalistic approach to bathrooms as it makes the space look serene. What do we need from our bathroom space? It should make you feel relaxed and calm; that’s where these expert-recommended colours come into play.

Grey and white (Neutral Colours)

When choosing colour patterns for bathrooms, soft tones work the best. All grey walls with white bathroom fixtures and black accents are some of the modern bathroom design trends these days. Choosing monochromatic colours will make your washroom cosy yet look ultra uber.

Brighter tones

A lot depends upon the size of the bathroom when deciding the colours. Brighter tones work best for shared spaces, whereas contrast colours will add to the richness of your home. All you have to do is add some nice-looking bathroom accessories to make it look luxurious. All white with a pop of colour on one of the walls.

Pro Tip:

A pro tip is to use a neutral shade that will complement the space. If you want to create something creative, you should consider choosing the Mellow Yellow theme or bring in a Sea of Greens to your living space. You can never go wrong with these expert-recommended colour combinations for your home.

The colour combination for bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom has a profound influence. These premium colour combinations will undoubtedly complement your home. Go ahead and choose any of the recommended ideas. If you are still unsure, it is always good to seek advice from a professional painter.

At Bourne Decorators, we specialise in providing a wide range of painting and decorating services in Hampshire, Surrey, and nearby surrounding areas to deliver superior artistry. We work on a focused approach on all projects and ensure all your expectations are met and exceeded.

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How to Remove Wallpaper


One of the best ways to give your home a makeover is repainting the walls or putting new wallpapers. But before you start with the repairing work, it is crucial to remove the wallpaper properly if you are considering redesigning your home or just repainting the walls to give it a new look. Removing stubborn wallpaper and adhesive can prove to be a daunting task. So, should one remove wallpaper by themselves using household items, or consider hiring professionals for that? Let’s see both one-by-one.

How to Remove Wallpaper using Household Items?

There are plenty of things you have to keep in mind, like the process or the tools required, before starting the work. If the walls were painted or primed for the wallpaper’s application, then it is likely to peel off, thus adding further difficulty to the process. But don’t worry! You are at the right place.

4 Household Items that will help you to Remove Wallpaper Efficiently

Let’s make your life much easier by sharing some expert tips on how to remove your wallpaper with the help of household items. The good news is that you can manage it on your own. There are commercial solutions available in the market as well but you can make your own homemade solution to scrape off the wallpaper. The general process is similar – use a wire brush or a wire scrubber and then apply the solution. And after removing the wallpaper, clean the wall with a dry cloth, and it’s done. Without any further ado, here are the 4 household items that will help remove wallpaper efficiently.

1. Use Vinegar to Remove Wallpaper

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to remove wallpaper, then use vinegar. Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in a sprayer. Apply it to the wallpaper and let it soak for 10 to 20 minutes. Vinegar works as a solvent that helps to dissolve thin wallpapers easily.

2. Remove Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

Another option is to use the fabric softener method, which is pretty much as the name goes. You have to mix the softener with warm water in equal parts and spread it all over the walls using a paint roller or sponge generously. Again, give it 20 to 30 minutes before you can start scraping or peeling to achieve a clean wall.

3. Remove it with a Putty Knife

Most of the time, the old wallpaper would peel off easily, and if it doesn’t, you might have to scrape it manually and sometimes forcefully. A Putty knife will make it easier for you. Just use a homemade soap solution and use a putty knife to remove the strongly held wallpaper. But please make sure to not be too harsh on the wall as it might damage the layer under the sheet.

4. Removing tough Wallpaper with a Steamer or Chemical Stripper

You can use either of these to strip out old and stiff wallpaper that has been clung for a long time. Both of them are extremely effective in removing wallpapers and cleaning old walls for an effortless makeover. Steamers and chemical steamers are messy and sometimes toxic, so protect yourself with good quality rubber gloves and suitable eye gear. So, you better hire a professional for such tasks.

Should you Hire Professionals to Remove the Old Wallpaper?

Well, doing all of it on your own is certainly possible. However, it is not that easy. For stubborn wallpapers that have been around for a long time, removal can be tough and dangerous too. For example, commercial strippers use some harsh chemicals that may turn toxic while application. If you face any problems removing old wallpaper or hanging new wallpaper, it is best to hire a professional, who specializes in this field. Generally, painting and decorating contractors in your area will take care of everything for you.

Professional painters and decorators will also advise on the best colours, styles, and themes to align with your home, if you decide to go ahead with renovating your walls. Further, you won’t have to worry much about what needs to be done where like plastering, painting, wallpapering, or wood stripping.

Hiring a professional can be the best decision if you haven’t done similar projects on your own before. Removing wallpaper and hanging it involves a lot of complexities. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. All of it requires dedication and a focused approach to do it perfectly, and a professional be of great help here. After all, you won’t want to compromise with the quality.

Hire someone who has a focused approach on all-sized projects, always keen on offering superior craftsmanship. At Bourne Decorators, we use the high quality materials, paints, and tools combined with our knowledge and expertise to provide unparalleled quality service. If you are looking for similar services, we would love to add value to your project.

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colours for Your UK Home


Deciding on which exterior paint colours to choose for your house significantly affects your home’s appeals. The right kind of paint not only adds beauty but also increases the value of your house, leaving a good impression on visitors. Individuals planning to sell their houses benefit as a good-looking property increases the chances of closing a good deal.

Now that you know why choosing exterior paint colours wisely is important, you must also know what factors you should consider before finalizing the exterior paint colours for your UK home. This article explains more on the factors to consider before making your final exterior painting decision and some of the best exterior paint colour combinations you can use to improve its appeal.

Factors to Consider Before Deciding on the Exterior Paint Colours

1- Consult with a Colour Visualizer

Once you decide to paint, use a colour visualizer to find the right paint colour combination for your exterior and print (if any). Many companies offer colour visualizer tools, allowing their users to browse dozens of popular colours and decorator picks. You upload a current photo of your home, and the program tests out different colour variables to give you a hint of how your walls will look.

2- Existing Elements

You also need to consider the existing elements around your home, specially the permanent materials which will not be replaced soon. Pick a colour that will not interfere with their appeal and deliver the best out of the exterior of your walls. Features like patios and visible stone foundations are good examples of these permanent house features.

Your roof colour also falls under this category; you wouldn’t want it to clash with the exterior paint colours. Find a paint colour combination that will harmonize your entire structure to result in a distinctive exterior appearance. Tools offered by firms like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore will prove helpful in finding those undertones that create perfect harmony.

3- Architecture

The exterior paint colours you choose for your home should align with the architectural design present. Some colours go well with a mid-century modern ranch structure, while others create the ideal scene with Craftsman bungalow buildings. Looking for pictures from the web similar to the design of your home might also be a practical approach to sourcing ideas.

4- Neighbourhood

It would also help to consider which colours your neighbours use on their exteriors to avoid scenarios where your house will awkwardly stick out in your community. Take some time to understand the community’s overall colour scheme and find the ideal paint colour for your exterior that will fit perfectly. Individuals living in communities governed by a homeowner’s association will need to confirm with the respective bodies the restrictions involved before selecting exterior paint colours for your home.

What Types of Paint are Suitable for the Exterior?

There are two paint types to choose from when selecting your home’s exterior paint colours; oil-based paints and latex paints.

1- Oil-Based Paint

This paint type is ideal for the exterior because of its durability and water-resistant features. Almost every professional painter uses them since they result in a hard finish and go well with already painted surfaces. You will need to stir it because the oil types present tend to separate fast. A brush or roller is also necessary when applying oil-based paint to your walls.

2- Latex Paint

Latex exterior paints are an excellent alternative to oil-based prospects, which have featured several changes to improve service delivery. They are easier to handle and apply, making them the best option for those planning to DIY. Try that the latex paint used on your interior walls is different from that used on exterior walls, otherwise it will be too monotonous and boring.

5 Best Exterior Paint Colour Combinations for Your Home

1- Taupe

Taupe, as exterior paint colours, performs exemplary in delivering a natural vibe to your home. The director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams, one of the industry’s major paint brands, confirmed that the Taupe (SW 7038) is among the most popular exterior colours.

2- Blue-Grey

If you crave a nautical and serene feel, the deep blue-gray is the perfect colour combination for your exterior walls. You may also brighten up the edges with white trim to bring out a near-perfect home exterior.

3- Green-Grey

Green can also make an ideal colour for your exterior walls. A neutral shade between gray and green will make a perfect view for houses on the farm side.

4- Yellow

Happy is the perfect interpretation of the message the yellow colour on your external walls shares. Try and select a pale shade of the paint to maintain a cheerful hue and ensure it does not excessively stand out.

5- Light Blue

Selecting a light blue shade for your exterior paint colours will create a deep aqua appeal in your environment. The colour is perfect for homes situated along the coastline, enhancing the fresh vibe in the region.

Whatever paint type or colour you choose, make sure they fit the overall theme and budget. It would be best if you found professional exterior painters near you to get finished and top-notch results. If you are someone based in and around Hampshire, Guildford, or Alton and planning to paint, reach out to Bourne Decorators, and get professional advice on exterior paint colours for your home in the UK.