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Bright Colours And Bold Patterns Top Interior Choices


There are always new trends emerging in the world of home decor and one of the best places to see what’s going to start filtering into our abodes is at London Design Week 2019.

Homes & Property recently offered a glimpse into what’s making waves there, although the beautifully decorated interior exhibitions will be open to the public from 13 to 15 March.

It seems that it’s all about bold and vibrant colours this year. Think bright pinks, cobalt blues, verdant greens and sunshine yellows, the publication revealed.

There is also a profusion of incredible wallpaper prints on show at this year’s show. Nature is still a big inspiration for our interiors, with everything from large tropical leaf prints to cactus plants featuring on wallpaper patterns at the event.

Floral prints have also gone large. You can see large floral print wallpapers in more muted shades if you’re not quite ready for the really vibrant colours that are growing in popularity.

If you are planning to include a patterned wallpaper in your home, make sure that it’s properly hung otherwise the end result will look shabby rather than chic. It’s definitely worth getting help with wallpapering in Hampshire if this isn’t something you have a lot of experience with.

Of course, there are plenty of other interior trends to consider if bold wallpapers aren’t for you. Earlier this year, Zillow suggested that modern decor is getting a softer edge. For example, industrial-styled interiors are still popular, but are increasingly being paired with a moody colour palette to soften them and make them less stark.

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Find Out More About Our New Sanding Machine

Do you dread the thought of redecorating? The thought of moving furniture, stripping beds, taking down curtains… the list goes on!

It is a complete nightmare for the majority of people. Not to mention having rooms out of action for days on end, especially the kitchen and staircase! Here at Surrey decorators Bourne Decorators we are very aware of the upheaval that decorating can bring.

That is why we do all we can to make the process as painless as possible. When starting a new project, we spend the whole first day sheeting and protecting floors and furniture – crucial preparation work, but often overlooked.

Now to sanding down! The most dreaded job for all customers! Not only is the dust problematic at source, you can guarantee that over the next few days, dust will settle in every room of the house.

Now we cannot promise to eliminate dust entirely. But we can promise that we can get pretty much all of it. We have at our disposal the most up-to-date sanding machines and equipment. This also allows us to work freely and cleanly in a virtually dust-free environment, (good for us too! }

By having our sanding tools constantly connected to a powerful vacuum, dust is removed at source of abrasion by a powerful suction back to the sealed vacuum. The sanding discs and pads are finely perforated for immediate removal of dust and particles.

This allows us to confidently assure existing and potentially new customers that their home will be as dust free as possible. Why not give us a chance to prove it? Contact us here at Bourne Decorators and we will get right back to you.

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Have You seen Our Latest Swimming Pool Project?

Here at Bourne Decorators, we specialise in painting and decorating across the Hampshire and Surrey areas, skilled in all aspects of commercial and domestic solutions, whether that’s carpentry and plastering or wallpapering, wood stripping and painting internally and externally.

But we also take on less-than-ordinary jobs of a different nature, having just completed work on a covered swimming pool in Farnham in Surrey! This was certainly an interesting one for us and not especially easy to complete, as we were unable to use conventional scaffolding systems because of the weight of the boards and poles, which would have undoubtedly broken the surrounding tiles.

First, we surveyed the area and compiled a plan to build a tower scaffold throughout the entire building. As you can see from the images below, we first had to use gantry beams to span the pool, which were fixed together with metal bolts and pins, providing us with the perfect base to build our tower for safe access.

This particular swimming pool was built 13 long years ago and aside from a bit of minimal maintenance here and there, it has never been redecorated! We started the job by applying fungicide solution to all parts of the pool, before washing it down with a sugar soap solution.

Once this had been completed, we went on to carry out remedial repairs, applying two full coats of anti-condensation paint where applicable. Once the substrate has been fully prepared, you can then use any finish you like. We decided to go with Johnstone’s cleanable matte, which is superior to most paints you can get these days.

If you’ve got a similar project in mind, get in touch with Guildford painters to see how we can help.


Our Latest Swimming Pool Project in Guildford 3 Our Latest Swimming Pool Project in Guildford 4

Our Latest Swimming Pool Project in Guildford 5 Our Latest Swimming Pool Project in Guildford 6

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Home Decor Predictions For 2019


While the first thing you consider when planning a home decorating project is your tastes, it’s also a good idea to look at some of the wider interior trends to get some inspiration for your home.

Real Simple recently shared the top trend predictions from Zillow, noting that modernist and industrialist looks are both set to rise in popularity in the coming months.

Speaking to the news provider, Kerrie Kelly explained that it’s all about getting the balance between modern decor and a softer finish. This will mean you have what’s best described as a “warm modernist” finish.

So what does that mean in practice? It includes using softer colours and natural elements to help soften the often harsh nature of traditional modernist decor.

It’s the same if you’re going for a more industrialist look, where Ms Kelly recommends using a moody colour palette to get the desired effect.

There are two other trends that seem to be somewhat contradictory too. One is the rise of smart devices in our homes, with more and more of us embracing this technology. However, at the same time people are also looking to create sanctuaries where they can disconnect.

It also seems that bold prints and bright colours aren’t going anywhere yet either. Herald Live recently rounded up some of the top interior trends this year, noting that tropical motifs and palm prints are set to be all the rage.

Pantone has chosen ‘living coral’ as its colour of the year too, which indicates a shift towards “warmer neutrals” in terms of people’s colour schemes, the news provider stated.

If you decide to introduce patterned wallpaper in your home, get some help with wallpapering in Hampshire to make sure it has a professional finish.