From Walls to Furniture, We Spray Everything with Exquisite Expertise!

Spraying services for domestic and commercial customers.

Our team use spraying techniques that allows us to transform furniture and kitchen cabinets, adapting them to suit your style. Spraying is the process of applying a layer of specialist paint to the surface of furniture, changing the overall look.

Take some time to learn more about our spraying service and how your furniture could benefit. Get in touch with our team for more information or a free quotation.

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Furniture Spraying

Furniture Spraying

With our furniture spraying service, you can breathe new life into your old furniture, creating a fresh and modern look without expensive replacements

Cabinet Spraying

Kitchen Cabinet Spraying

Instead of going through the hassle and expense of installing new cabinets, we can breathe new life into your existing ones with spraying

Exterior Wood Spraying

Wood Spraying

We specialize in professional high-quality spray finishes, ensuring a smooth and even coating to extend the lifespan with a durable finish

UPVC Spraying

UPVC Spraying

Make the most of your door and windows with our UPVC spraying service and get a fresh new look at a fraction of replacement cost

Bike Frame Spraying

Bike Frame Spraying

Give your bike frame a more personalised look with our high-gloss or matte finish spray painting and make your bike good as new

Surfboard Spraying

Surfboard Spraying

We transform old surfboards into stunning masterpieces through spraying and giving them a fresh, flawless vibrant look for beaches

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Spraying Every Surface with Brilliance!

Change The Look

Over time, your taste will change, and some furniture can become outdated. Spraying brings the opportunity to breathe a new lease of life into old furniture. You will be able to choose a colour that best suits your style and customise your furniture how you choose.

Our spraying paint is highly durable and is coated with a protective seal. Our team will guarantee the sprayed furniture will look great for years.

Save Money

Buying new furniture can be costly, but spraying your old furniture and bringing them up to date, could save a lot of money. You will be amazed by the difference changing the colour will have on your old furniture.

UPVC Spraying

Spraying UPVC comes with the additional benefit of decades of protection from crack, peel and decolouration. You will be able to customise the exterior look of your property in any colour with a matte, satin or gloss finish and improve the kerb appeal. Our UPVC painters can spray paint windows, doors, door frames, fascia, garage doors, conservatories and everything in between.

Kitchen Respray Specialists!

Transform the appearance of your kitchen by spraying the cupboards and doors to whatever colour you choose and give the heart of your home a revitalised look. Spray painting your kitchen is cheaper than replacing your kitchen cupboards, cabinets and drawers and is 80% cheaper than replacing.

We offer complete kitchen spray painting services in Hampshire and Surrey. The paints we use are engineered for indoor use with neutral and very soft tones and come with a guarantee of their own. Check out Farrow and Ball colour chart here.

Why Choose Us

For 30 years, Bourne Decorators have been a trustable home and commercial painter in Hampshire and Surrey. We are not only specialised in outside spraying but internal too. And when we say spraying, we mean literally anything from walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets, bikes to surfboards. We spray anything and everything.

We provide high-quality work at flexible hours tailored to your specific requirements, seven days a week, including night-time working.