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Great Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen


If you’re someone who gets carried away with looking at all the kitchen trends and schemes in the latest design magazines, but you have neither the time nor the budget for a major remodelling, there are some quick and easy decorating tips to give your kitchen the update it deserves! The best thing about these tips from Surrey painters and decorators is that you can mix and match them.

We will always notice things at eye level before we take in anything else, and one of the most striking changes you can make is to decorate your kitchen walls. A lot of decor ideas and efforts are put in to the appliances, the countertops, and the many must-have kitchen gadgets, but the walls are where you can make a big impact with little expense or effort.

Keeping an eye on the latest kitchen trends and updating your kitchen wall decor with design-savvy changes can transform your cooking and dining experience.

Colour is one the quickest and most inexpensive ways to transform a room, but to achieve those great kitchen wall colours, then the trick is the three-colour palette.

Colour 1 can be an existing kitchen colour that cannot be changed, such as the countertops or the cabinets. Colour 2 should be a neutral colour of your choice, it should compliment colour 1, and use it on the walls or wall to create a backdrop for your decor.

Colour 3 is the one that will make your kitchen unique. A bold, unexpected, adventurous colour as a statement, and use it for your kitchen accessories, bar stools, cookware, or vases. Find paint swatches and shuffle them all around until you find the combination that just pops! Keep hold of the swatches for further reference.

A can of black chalkboard paint is inexpensive and a great way to dress up an accent wall in your kitchen. Black is a bold, eye-catching wall colour and the perfect backdrop for your ever-changing chalk art.

If you’re out of wall space, a door or cabinet surface is another great chalkboard (and dinner menu) in the making. Remember to layer. A floating shelf or gallery wall collection on your chalkboard wall adds to the unique look of your new, inspired kitchen walls.

If you’ve updated your kitchen decorating with fresh, fashion-forward colours and a focal wall, it’s time to add layers. The latest trend in kitchen design is open shelving, instead of cabinets. This look lightens a kitchen up by creating visual space, but requires you to hide all the Tupperware and mismatched glasses in fewer cabinets.

Instead of tearing out your upper cabinets, try updating your kitchen wall decor by placing one or two floating shelves on an open wall. Floating shelves come in many styles and are easy to install. Keep the floating shelf display items minimal and colour-coordinated for a magazine-ready look.

For a bigger change, take the doors off of one or two kitchen cabinets and paint or wallpaper the back of the cabinet. You now have a new open display shelf. To give your new display life, add LED under-cabinet lighting to highlight the items. Battery-powered lights are available if cabinet wiring is an issue.

If you’re looking for professional painters and decorators in Surrey, for your kitchen or any room in the house, then get in touch today.

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What You Need To Know About Indoor Air Quality

what you need to know about indoor air quality

You might be wondering why your local painter and decorator in Surrey is talking about the trend for awareness of indoor air quality, but your choice of paint could be contributing to poor quality air in your home.

Paint can, and historically has, contained volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which are released slowly over time, reducing the quality of the air you breathe. Considering you spend 90 per cent of your life indoors, according to the BBC, you may see why this could be an issue.

Poor air quality can be linked to a number of issues, there’s even evidence it can lead to a decrease in productivity at work, and more absences at school. There is also evidence pointing to a ‘sick building syndrome’ – a set of symptoms that can include headache, sore throat and nausea, which are linked to spending time in a building.

In paint, VOCs are responsible for that ‘new paint smell’ but the paints you use nowadays have far less VOCs than previous incarnations. That’s because there are stringent rules of the level of emissions a paint can have, and also we’ve moved more towards water-based paints, which generally have less VOC content.

Your hoe’s ventilation pays an important role in its air quality however, so if you believe that your home is poorly ventilated, there are some steps you can take. An indoor air purifier may help to improve the quality of the air you and your family is breathing, but you can also look to choose a paint that is specifically formulated to have negligible VOC content too.

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Update Your Home For The Summer


Brits are notorious for getting excited when the sun finally makes an appearance in the summer, lighting up the barbecues at the first hint of some warm weather.

That is why the sun-worshippers among you might want to update their homes with the summer season in mind, so they can feel warm and sunny inside their houses whatever the weather is like outside.

– Go all-white

The biggest summer décor trend has to be all-white. Cover up dark walls and patterned wallpaper with bright white paint and you’ll instantly give your home a fresh, clean look.

Whether you keep the rest of the décor matching with brilliant-white furniture, fixtures and fittings, or you add a splash of colour with blush pink or pale blue hues, you will have an instantly fresh-looking home that will suit the summer months perfectly.

White walls will also be very welcomed during heatwaves like the one we are experiencing this week. With temperatures predicted to break the record for the hottest July in history – exceeding the 36.7C experienced at Heathrow Airport in 2015 – homeowners will certainly appreciate the cooling properties of white, as opposed to having dark walls that trap in heat and make homes feel stuffy during hot weather.


– Animal prints

Another popular trend for summer 2019 is incorporating animal prints into your home decorating.

The Spruce states: “A little zebra print goes a long way. Channel an African safari and add a few animal print details throughout your home this summer.”

You don’t have to go wild with this trend, and a few touches will make a big impact. The publication suggests adding a throw or rug in an animal print, or you could make a feature wall out of a leopard print design.

This will certainly add an exotic touch to your décor without going overboard.


– Bring the garden indoors

For an easy way to get your house looking great for the summer, why not bring some of your outdoor greenery inside?

Better Homes & Gardens recommends planting succulents in a large shell and placing them as a centrepiece on a table.

“The tiny plants last for a long time and require little care, making them the perfect addition to a summery tablescape,” the article stated, adding: “The natural elements also add texture and character to this chic end-table display.”

As well as adding some plant life to your home, you could embrace this ‘nature’ trend with large botanical prints on your wallpaper, throws or rugs.

According to Ideal Home, bold tropical patterns are becoming increasingly popular and “vibrant bold prints can breathe new life into rooms, big or small”.

So popular is our love of nature that searches for vertical gardens on Pinterest have increased by a massive 287 per cent recently!

If you want to update your home for the summer, get in touch with our painters and decorators in Surrey who can transform your property in no time!

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How To Improve The Value Of Your Home


Planning on redecorating the house with a view to selling it this year or next? Then you might want to hold off on reaching for the paintbrushes and tins of paint just yet, as it makes sense to find out which renovation jobs would yield the greatest return on investment and add the most value to the property so you know you’ll get the price you want when you do eventually put the house on the market.

But unless you’re a professional estate agent, architect or interior designer, it can be difficult to decide just where to focus your efforts first… which is why you might find it useful to hear what content director for My Homebuilding, Real Homes and Period Living Magazine Jason Orme has to say.

He has just teamed up with Home Protect to come up with a list of the best and worst home improvement projects, based on those that will give your home the biggest boost in value and which ones could potentially leave you out of pocket.

Homeowners are firstly advised to modernise the kitchen, since this part of the house is one of the main considerations for prospective buyers, as well as valuation surveyors.

This doesn’t mean you have to rip it out and start again, however – you could make a few changes like replacing the lighting, the sink or the worktops to give the room a bit of a facelift.

What you are advised against doing, meanwhile, losing a bedroom. You might be tempted to knock through walls to create bigger spaces, but avoid doing this where bedrooms are concerned. Houses are valued based on the number of bedrooms, so doing this would downgrade your property.

“One particular small home improvement job that is in vogue is the introduction of smart home technology – we have control of so many aspects of our lives, and people are increasingly finding that they want their homes to work for them, too.

“So lighting, and in particular security, have been real growth areas for tech. What’s more, it’s a relatively straightforward improvement that doesn’t require too much DIY,” Mr Orme observed.

You might also find that you facilitate a quick sale by prioritising the outside of your home, as well as the interior. People often forget about their outdoor spaces, but don’t forget that curb appeal can make a huge difference and buyers may well make up their minds about a property before they’ve even stepped foot inside.

You don’t have to put in a huge amount of effort outside but do make sure the garden is tidy and well kept, as this is a big signal that the inside of the house has been cared for in a similar way.

Need a decorator in Surrey to help you give your house a makeover? Get in touch with us today.

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Find Out More About Our New Sanding Machine

Do you dread the thought of redecorating? The thought of moving furniture, stripping beds, taking down curtains… the list goes on!

It is a complete nightmare for the majority of people. Not to mention having rooms out of action for days on end, especially the kitchen and staircase! Here at Surrey decorators Bourne Decorators we are very aware of the upheaval that decorating can bring.

That is why we do all we can to make the process as painless as possible. When starting a new project, we spend the whole first day sheeting and protecting floors and furniture – crucial preparation work, but often overlooked.

Now to sanding down! The most dreaded job for all customers! Not only is the dust problematic at source, you can guarantee that over the next few days, dust will settle in every room of the house.

Now we cannot promise to eliminate dust entirely. But we can promise that we can get pretty much all of it. We have at our disposal the most up-to-date sanding machines and equipment. This also allows us to work freely and cleanly in a virtually dust-free environment, (good for us too! }

By having our sanding tools constantly connected to a powerful vacuum, dust is removed at source of abrasion by a powerful suction back to the sealed vacuum. The sanding discs and pads are finely perforated for immediate removal of dust and particles.

This allows us to confidently assure existing and potentially new customers that their home will be as dust free as possible. Why not give us a chance to prove it? Contact us here at Bourne Decorators and we will get right back to you.