Do you dread the thought of redecorating? The thought of moving furniture, stripping beds, taking down curtains… the list goes on!

It is a complete nightmare for the majority of people. Not to mention having rooms out of action for days on end, especially the kitchen and staircase! Here at Surrey decorators Bourne Decorators we are very aware of the upheaval that decorating can bring.

That is why we do all we can to make the process as painless as possible. When starting a new project, we spend the whole first day sheeting and protecting floors and furniture – crucial preparation work, but often overlooked.

Now to sanding down! The most dreaded job for all customers! Not only is the dust problematic at source, you can guarantee that over the next few days, dust will settle in every room of the house.

Now we cannot promise to eliminate dust entirely. But we can promise that we can get pretty much all of it. We have at our disposal the most up-to-date sanding machines and equipment. This also allows us to work freely and cleanly in a virtually dust-free environment, (good for us too! }

By having our sanding tools constantly connected to a powerful vacuum, dust is removed at source of abrasion by a powerful suction back to the sealed vacuum. The sanding discs and pads are finely perforated for immediate removal of dust and particles.

This allows us to confidently assure existing and potentially new customers that their home will be as dust free as possible. Why not give us a chance to prove it? Contact us here at Bourne Decorators and we will get right back to you.