When it comes to wallpapering your Hampshire home, you could do it the more typical way and only apply the paper to the walls of your rooms or you could think outside the box a little bit and consider papering the ceilings instead.

As those in the know at John Lewis would have it, this is actually set to be a big trend for interiors over the coming 12 months so if you’re keen for your home to be as fashionable as can be, this could be a good way to achieve this goal.

The company was quoted by Ideal Home as saying: “The trend for bold home styling and statement wallpaper will reach new heights in 2020, with the ceiling set for a makeover.”

It might not be quite as easy wallpapering the ceiling as it is the walls, however, so if you already know you’re not that experienced in this regard, it could certainly be worth hiring professional painters and decorators to get the job done right the first time.

If you’re determined to go it alone and do the work yourself, be mindful that you’ll be working at height and you’ll have gravity working against you, so it’s more than likely to be a two person job. A hop-up platform can help to make the job easier as it will allow you to move horizontally and reach the ceiling easily at the same time.

Prepare your ceiling in the same way that you would the walls for paper, removing and scraping any old paint and dirt. Then give the ceiling a good wash with some soap to get rid of any debris and grease, before leaving to dry.

You then need to measure your first strip of wallpaper based on the length of the ceiling, adding a few centimetres at both ends just in case. Mark your ceiling with a straight line so you know you’re working correctly, using a spirit level to make sure that it stays straight across the length of the ceiling.

When hanging your first strip of paper, really take your time and be as precise as you can, as it’s this length of paper that will be the foundation for the rest of the job. If this is wrong, the rest will follow suit.

You also need to think about the lights in the ceiling, as you’ll need to make a hole in the paper to accommodate these. If you have a ceiling with lots of spotlights in it, you might want to consider wallpapering a different room, especially if you’re not confident in your wallpapering abilities.

But if you’re determined to have a ceiling with spotlights wallpapered, it might well be best to call out experienced decorators in Hampshire or your local area to make sure the job is done to perfection.