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The Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Hampshire, UK

The Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Hampshire, UK

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that catches the eye of visitors. Hence, regular maintenance, like a fresh coat of paint, protects the structure’s surface while sustaining its resale value. Nonetheless, you might need to plan carefully for this project since you can’t paint your home’s exterior at any random time of the year. You would have to consider outdoor temperatures and weather conditions, and season. So, let’s look at the best practices and the best time to paint your home’s exterior in Hampshire, UK and around.

Prime Time for Painting the Home Exterior

If you want a beautiful and lasting finish after painting your home’s exterior, then you should carefully consider the timing of your project. The following presents some tips involving the best time of the year.

1. Best Season for Painting

Generally, the early spring, say mid-April to the mid-autumn towards the end of September, presents an excellent opportunity to paint the exterior of your house. There won’t be as much humidity during these seasons which adversely affects the drying time, and the weather is also favourable for the painters working outdoors. However, if you want to achieve the best finish, then the middle to late summer and early autumn presents the best window of opportunity for getting your house exterior painted. During this time of year, you won’t have to concern too much about rain ruining your project and just extending the time of completion. Therefore, if you know the time of year when the weather is dry and settled, you can contact the painters and decorators in Hampshire accordingly. You’ll have better chances of the paint curing completely.

Creating textures with paint is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways of creating an accent wall. You can play with a combination of colours according to your choice.

2. Ideal Temperature for Exterior Painting

While choosing the ideal season helps to ensure good results, you’ll also have to be mindful of the temperature outside. In fact, cooler temperatures tend to prolong the drying time. Conversely, when you start painting the exterior in extremely warm temperatures, you might think that a shorter drying time would be an advantage. However, when exterior paint dries too quickly, unsightly brush marks and clumps are left. So, the best temperature range for getting the exterior of your home painted, especially in the Hampshire and surrounding region, lies between 16°C to 29°C. Not only will these conditions further guarantee a proper cure but also an excellent finish.

What You Should Avoid

After looking at some help and advice for painting your home’s exterior, we can look at some common mistakes to avoid. While everyone is only human, a few mishaps can happen with anyone. There are some factors that can affect the results. So closely examining these situations might make for a smooth completion.

1. Forgetting to Plan Ahead

There are years when you might feel like you’ve let a home-improvement project go too long, and you get rather anxious to start. The next thing you know, you’ve let your painters start the work and about halfway through you realize that the rest of the week’s forecast calls for showers and a heavy breeze, or you want to get the whole house painted. Worse yet, your work schedule changes suddenly. You may not be able to anticipate every mishap, but at least six months ahead of time, you can schedule your project for late summer or, at the latest, early autumn. Moreover, you might consider making a list of other related tasks such as power washing the sides of the house and scraping and sanding off paint that’s already peeling. Consulting with a professional painter in Hampshire who has the experience to walk you through the planning will help.

2. Not Keeping an Eye on Weather Forecasts

In Hampshire, you’ll most likely get the best weather for painting in July. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye out for the forecast for breezes; just be safe. Plus, you can count on average temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, making for excellent conditions for painting and proper curing. Still, watching the forecast during your project would be helpful when it comes to planning.

3. Waiting Too Long to Repaint the Exterior

Like any other form of household maintenance, painting your home’s exterior needs to be done regularly. The frequency, though, differs according to the type of surface of your home’s outer walls. For instance, wood surfaces should be painted every three to seven years. You should aim for no less than every five years for aluminium siding. Every five to ten years should suffice depending on the surface material and the quality of the previously completed paint job.

As you can see, painting a home’s exterior can not be done at just any time of the year. For expert insight into this sort of project and for a high-quality finish, you can consult with Bourne Decorators. They are your most diligent, most experienced painters in Hampshire. Plus, they’re ready to transform your home’s façade into a masterpiece.

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18 Colour Combinations to Enhance your Bedroom Walls


After a long day, you walk into your bedroom; what you see either makes you feel more fatigued or activates the relaxing and cosy feeling. Amazing bedroom wall colour combinations lift your mood and energize you. They bring life back to you as you enjoy some quality time in your bedroom after a tiring day, either alone or with your partner.

Here are 18 Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

1. Orange with White

The orange and white colour combinations create a lively and bright atmosphere in the bedroom. Orange makes it seem like the sun is shining from within, and white cools it slightly. Being in such a space, you cannot help but feel energized, motivated, and centred.

When working with this colour scheme, let orange lead the decoration. Paint it on the walls that you want to draw attention to.

2. Terracotta with a Light Stone Shade of Grey

Terracotta and light grey are a perfect colour combination for bedroom walls for a low-key but stylish person. Combining terracotta with a light shade of grey allows terracotta to stand out in a subtle and fulfilling way. This colour combination introduces the feeling of relaxation and allow you to focus on yourself and have a personal moment in the bedroom.

Working with the combination of these two colours allows you to accessorize the room with even more shades of terracotta to break the monotony while creating harmony in the flow of the room.

3. Teal and White

When thinking of a moody feel in your bedroom, teal and white is the to-go-to combination for bedroom walls. Teal gives a deep accent that sets the mood for the bedroom, while on the other hand, white elevates the mood just enough to avoid the room feeling gloomy.

A teal and white combination creates a deeply personal space as the moodiness in the room cools you and redirects you to yourself. This is the perfect colour combination for a personal, deeply intimate bedroom environment.

4. Navy Blue and White

If you are going for a bedroom that gives off a grounded personality feel, navy blue and white is the perfect colour combination for your bedroom walls. Navy blue is a deep non-shouting colour but commands notice. White in this combination balances that feeling by making it more subtle and welcoming. Combining blue and white makes the room demand the attention it needs while at the same time allowing you to feel peaceful and at home.

5. Coral with Light Shade of Grey

Coral is a bright, soothing colour that is perfect for your bedroom. However, combining coral with a shade of grey takes the atmosphere of your bedroom to a whole different dimension. With coral highlighting the side of the room, grey neutralizes it. The combination, therefore, creates a warm, bright space that is comfortable enough to relax and unwind your day. But, on the other hand, the brightness of coral lifts you and energizes you in the morning, ready to face the day.

6. Wine Red and White

The perfect colour combination for your bedroom walls that speaks sophistication without shouting is wine red and white. Wine red creates a chilled yet commanding space full of sophistication, whereas the white introduces the light moment in the room. Combining these two colours communicates luxurious and chic feelings, uplifting after a long day. They also set the perfect tone of confidence as an adventure when you rise to start your day.

7. Classic Black and White

Classic black and white might seem like a simple colour combination for your bedroom walls, but it is perfect for creating a balanced space. Both black and white exist at opposite ends of the colour spectrum. Being able to integrate them in space communicates balance and centeredness. Black brings in a moody, solid feeling in the room, but it is elevated by white, which is the life of the room, making it the perfect combination.

8. Pale Grey and Slate

Look no further for your bedroom walls colour combination for a neutral person. Pale grey and slate are amazingly contrasted with calling your attention despite their neutrality. They are subtle and allow some space to breathe. You can cool your mind, relax and rest because the two colour combinations allow you to do so but not at the expense of style.

9. Forest Green and White

If you’d like to import the jungle feeling into your bedroom, then forest green and white is the right colour combination for your bedroom. Forest green carries with it the adventure and liveliness of the jungle, while white introduces the much-needed illumination of the space. In addition, the environment created by combining these two colours is tranquil, making it the best place to rest after a hectic day.

10. Chocolate and White

Chocolate is a warm and cosy colour. With the mention of the term chocolate, you get feelings of excitement. The feeling of vibrancy and excitement is what chocolate introduces in your bedroom. To make it the perfect space, combine it with white. White contains vibrancy and ensures it’s not exhausting. The combination of chocolate and white is suitable for a person who enjoys their space warm, cosy, and homely.

11. Burnt Orange and Ivory

Burnt orange and ivory might not be the most obvious combination as both colours are toned down, but it might be the best colour combination for your bedroom if you are a cool, calm, collected person yet assertive. Both colours, although subtle, command acknowledgement. Burnt orange calls the bright side, and ivory sends you towards the more grounded side. For this reason, combining the two colours makes you feel like living in a grounded space.

12. White and Blue

Combining white and blue is the perfect idea for an inspiring and full-of-life bedroom. Blue is inspiring and might bring the feeling of staring into the ocean’s vastness, creating a refreshing and tranquil atmosphere in the room. On the other hand, white lightens the mood in the room, making it easy and flowing. This combination is best because it allows one to relax quickly and be refreshed.

13. Brown and Cream

If you’d like your bedroom to give you the feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth, brown is your colour. The combination of brown and cream not only makes you feel more connected to the earth but it also makes you feel settled and in control of your space. This combination is subtle to allow yourself to feel visible and present in your space.

14. Varied Grey Scale

You might have a particular taste colour. If your colour is grey, don’t worry. You can still play around and create a breathtakingly beautiful and stylish bedroom. Grey is a quiet colour; hence your space will feel reserved and contained. You will be able to rest without much jumping out at you. Playing with the varied scale of grey can allow you to synchronize your personality and your bedroom.

15. Peach and White

Peach is a colour that stands out. You can play around with different peaches in your room to create a colourful yet not shouting space. The intensity of the peach is breath-taking. Integrating white into this space will brighten the room, bring in more life, and tone down the peach just a little.

16. Burgundy and Beige

Another intense combination is burgundy and beige. Burgundy is not so bright, but one cannot help but notice it. Once you notice burgundy, it isn’t easy to take your eyes off it. This level of intensity might be a bit too much for the bedroom. That is why you need to tone it down a notch with beige. Beige gives the eye a relaxing room to allow one to take in the room’s beauty.

17. Icy Blue and Stone Grey

By creating a bedroom painted icy blue and stony grey, you will be creating a cool bedroom with a vintage feel. Both of these colours are muted, but their contrast is outstanding. Stone grey has some earthy characteristics, while icy blue introduces a touch of nature.

18. Cream and White Blend

Whenever you’re dealing with warm whites, you’ll want your painter and decorator to combine white and cream. You would believe that these two things don’t go together, yet they really do! Using cream-coloured accents in your area can help to warm up the whites in the room while keeping it airy and cheerful. Furthermore, it will provide some slight diversity in the mix.

The white and cream colour combination for bedroom walls creates a feeling of openness and liveliness that is fantastic for a bedroom. You can relax, rest, and be energized for the next adventure in such a space.

Out of the 18 colour combinations for the bedroom wall provided above, feel free to pick one that represents you. Remember to seek the services of a painter and decorator when thinking about colour schemes for your bedroom walls. Professional painters and decorators like Bourne Decorators can bring to life the ideas you have in your mind. We will further advise you on some modern or trending colour combinations, so you have a great pool of choices. We might even suggest other ideas that you might not have thought of.

With the services of a professional painter and decorator, you can rest assured that your bedroom wall will look just as you imagined. Reach out to Bourne Decorators at 0800 488 0265 for all your painting and decorating needs. You can also request a quote online today.

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Accent Wall Ideas That Will Change the Whole Ambience of Your Living Room


A lovely upgrade to your home is always welcome.

By playing with colours, textures, tones and assembling some bright and attractive pieces, you can create a unique accent wall for your living room. This wall is going to bring the missing charm to your living room and make it more welcoming. People won’t get tired of appreciating you for having such an attractive living area.

Accent walls not only create a focal point but are a great budget-friendly way of redoing your living room. Here we share some of our favourite accent wall ideas that will change the whole ambience of your living room.

11 Accent Wall Ideas for Living Room

1. Textured Wall

Creating textures with paint is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways of creating an accent wall. You can play with a combination of colours according to your choice.

2. Wallpaper

You can go for geometric patterns, intricate patterns, floral, or character wallpapers as well. Choosing your wallpaper wisely is very important because the wrong one may make the room cramped. Opt for Do It Yourself or hire a professional to hang wallpaper for that perfect-looking accent wall.

Pro tip: If you have a smaller living room, go for lighter tones and less intricate motifs.

3. Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling is the rage all over the world when it comes to creating accent walls. You have the option to choose simple shapes to complicated patterns. This idea will add a touch of dimension and style to your living room.

4. Mural

Use your imagination, bring them on the blank canvas, and create an amazing accent wall that no one can stop appreciating. You can replicate some famous artwork or go creative with your brush and intrigue people visiting you.

5. Tiling

Tiling one of the walls can hide all the damps, cracks and peeling etc., and give you a feeling of a completely new space. Go to your local tile store or visit them online if you’re lazy and check out their collection. Ceramic Tile Warehouse is one such store in Surrey that’s available online and offline.

6. Open Brick Wall

It has been an ongoing trend for some time, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is for someone who likes the rustic feel and appreciates a timeless touch.

7. World Map

If you have the traveller soul and are looking for a beautifully finished space, this accent wall idea is going to take you on nostalgic trips every time you look at it and inspire you to take more.

8. Frames

You can never go wrong with this. Whether you are a family man or a bachelor or someone who likes to collect artworks of different artists, dedicate one wall to frames. You can keep the frames in a pattern or go asymmetric with your placement.

9. Souvenier Showcase

You love collecting artefacts from places you visit or have a cluster of beautiful pieces from your friends; nothing can be better than a wooden cabinet specially designed to fit your living room.

10. Double up the Space

Mirrors not only double up the space but also brighten the area when coupled with the right lighting. Combine it with silver accents to create spaces that glow and exude luxury.

11. Green

Nothing can be better than a wall full of greenery. If you have ample light coming in, pick your favourite indoor plants, big and small, to create a world full of freshness and positivity.

Which wall should be the accent wall?

No matter the overall look, an accent wall brings in colours or patterns into your living room. You can convert any wall into your accent wall. Let’s look at the options:

Dining space – If you have a connected dining area, you can turn that wall into an accent wall.

Behind the couch – The best place to create an accent wall is behind the couch.

Entryway – As we say, the first impression is the last; your entryway accent wall will perfectly do that for you.

Television unit – Dark colours for your TV wall will provide great harmony and give more of a theatrical feel.

Fireplace – In UK homes, a fireplace is very common, and converting your fireplace wall into an accent wall will save your space yet give you enough freedom to use your imagination.

If you are searching for professional painters in Hampshire, Surrey, and the surrounding areas to transform your living room, contact Bourne Decorators. We have been experienced and professional painting and decorating contractors for 30 years, modifying dull walls into good-looking ones.

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Best Eco-Friendly Paint Brands in UK


Adding a coat of paint to a building or furniture enhances its aesthetic appearance. However, until recently, many people did not know how painting their buildings affected the environment. Today, there is an emerging alternative known as eco-friendly paints in UK. These are paints that release lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to a building’s interior, are odour-free, and have less impact on the environment. Before we talk about the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, let’s see the benefits of these paints.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paints

Environmentally friendly paints have several outstanding benefits in comparison to others. These advantages include:

Less VOC Release

Volatile organic compounds found in commercial paint brands are dangerous. This is because the chemical waste left behind by the VOCs does not decompose and is non-recyclable. On the flip side, eco-friendly paints have little or no traces of these chemicals, making them less harmful to the environment.

Lower health Risk

Eco-friendly paints are an excellent choice for your home, especially if you have pets and children or someone with respiratory conditions, such as asthma. That is because these paints are less toxic, produce fewer fumes, and you can use them conveniently without compromising on quality.


When it comes to prices, eco-friendly paints may be more expensive than their regular cousins, but they can save you a substantial amount in the long run. Due to their low levels of VOCs, you will stay healthy. Additionally, ‘green’ paints have been proven to have higher quality, abrasion resistance, viscosity, and colour retention.

Low Adverse Effect on the Environment

As their name suggests, eco-friendly paint is designed while keeping the environment in mind. They are non-toxic. Additionally, eco-friendly dyes produce less waste and significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

5 Eco-Friendly Paint Brands Available in UK Market

You have a whole variety of environmental-friendly paint brands in UK market, but there are those you should keep an eye on. In this section, you will learn about the best choices you can make to ensure your family’s health and the environment is safe:

1. Earthborn

This is one of the eco-friendly paints brands in UK that offer quality with almost zero VOCs. Earthborn prides itself on being the holder of the Eco label for Indoor Paints and Varnishes, a licence given by the EU. The brand has an extensive array of aesthetically appealing shades that come with the standard for Safety of Toys and are highly breathable. This makes the paints convenient for your children’s toys, room, and furniture.

2. Lick

Lick is well-known eco-friendly paint brand in UK, which has partnered with 4ocean to ensure the cleanliness of water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and seas. This shows how much the brand is concerned about the environment and your family’s health. It is designed using a water-based formula with a low VOC content.

3. Little Greene

Besides being environmentally conscious, Little Greene is a brand that focuses on corporate social responsibility. There is an extensive array of Little Greene paints, some of which are suitable for exterior use. The company has partnered with the National Trust, a charity that works on paint research. A percentage of the buying price of every tin goes towards these research projects. Additionally, Little Greene’s paints are of high quality, that additionally makes it one of the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, and the brand claims that their products have 40% more pigments than other paints. 50% of the material used in making the tins is recycled steel, which you can re-recycle after emptying its contents.

4. Edward Bulmer

Edward Bulmer has become a household name when it comes to eco-friendly paint brands in UK. Besides being plastic-free, the vast array of shades in this brand is microporous, which means that the surfaces they are applied to have a breathing space. The ingredients are what make these paints earth-friendly. They are made from plant raw materials, such as linseed oil, and mineral raw materials, such as earth, chalk, and mineral pigments.

5. Graphenstone

One of the outstanding features of Graphenstone paints is that they contain organic lime, which is responsible for the absorption of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. Reports show that the amount of CO2 that three 15-litre Graphenstone paint tins absorb in one year is equivalent to the one absorbed by a fully grown tree. Besides the CO2 absorption, these paints’ cans are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

In the UK, the number of of eco-friendly paint brands in the market is overwhelming. They come in all sorts of colours, quantities, and price ranges. However, as you shop for your next paint for your home’s interior, exterior, or furniture, you need to be mindful of how that paint can affect your family’s health and the environment. That is why it is recommendable to consider the above-explained best eco-friendly paint brands in UK. The paint options mentioned in the article are environmentally friendly and are available in almost all paint distributors in the UK. It would be wise to consider Bourne Decorators to get a paint that satisfies your needs.

Care for two, environment and you!

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Best Paints for Kitchen Walls, Cabinets, and Ceilings


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and everyone understands its role in their family. This space serves several purposes: preparing your favourite meals to host your female guests. There are many ways you can create an impression of your kitchen; one of them is through your choice of paint. Picking the ideal colours for your kitchen is necessary and a practical approach to elevating the space and giving some charm and character. Let’s see the best paints for a kitchen that will save you from redoing the walls and save money and time.

Best Paint for Kitchen Walls

The colour on your kitchen walls has the most significant impact on the general appeal of the whole kitchen layout. You should select a colour that complements the other components of the room while displaying a warm and friendly feeling.

Here is the best paint for kitchen walls that you should consider.

Pale Green

Pale green can make a fantastic paint colour option to feature on your kitchen walls. Its soft green appearance makes it easier for you to match it with darker cabinets and window frames. The good thing about this paint on kitchen walls is that your space achieves excellent light distribution.


White seems to fit in every home setting, and your kitchen is no different. The colour is almost impossible to ignore, and everybody entering your kitchen will love it. Moreover, white fits perfectly in virtually all colour combinations while promoting a clean and neat environment.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue is not an everyday shade to feature on your kitchen walls, but you can choose to go with it to bring out an extra fun feel. This shade is bright, providing an ideal light distribution across the entire room, allowing you to take advantage of daylight and save power. The colour goes well when blended with patented tiles.

Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets also have a significant impact on the general feel of your kitchen, and you may need to invest in selecting the best paint for kitchen cabinets. We have already talked about some colour combinations for kitchen available that are compatible with modern and retro cabinet designs. Here are some options to consider while choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

Hunter Green

You may have come across kitchen cabinets that feature the hunter green shade in movies and other visual entertainment scenes. Including cabinets in this colour option will guarantee a fresh and modern look, and the good thing is that it matches a variety of colours. You can achieve a brighter layout if you paint your walls white and install funky tiled flooring.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is the perfect colour for all the houses around the farm or for homeowners who aim to achieve this rural vibe in their spaces. You can never go wrong with a shade of green in your kitchen as it creates a more natural environment, almost similar to a laid-back outdoor retreat experience; that’s why it is one of the best paint for kitchen cabinets for rustic vibes. Setting up a breakfast counter in wooden touch or a dining set will blend perfectly while making the space feel open.

Poppy Mint

For all those cravings, a retro-look that ideally brings out the old day’s memories, poppy mint is the best paint colour for your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets painted with this colour create an oldies essence and seem to blend with retro appliances perfectly. The good thing about poppy mint is that it keeps your kitchen area simple and leaves your space feeling more spacious.

Best Paint for Kitchen Ceilings

A significant number of homeowners tend to ignore their kitchen ceilings despite their impact on your kitchen’s appeal and your entire home. A kitchen featuring a correctly painted ceiling creates a warm and pleasing colour scheme, bringing your house a step closer to achieving a family-friendly environment. The following are some of the best paint options that are worth considering for your kitchen ceiling.


Black may seem like an odd colour to feature on your kitchen ceilings. However, designers globally find this colour option among the best paint for kitchen ceilings, especially if walls feature lighter and brighter hues. White walls and a black ceiling are common in most modern kitchens; white ensures adequate light distribution in the entire room, while black takes up all the attention.

Light Blue

Light blue is another colour that is the almost perfect paint for your kitchen ceiling. It leaves the room feeling airy and tight, primarily because it resembles and reminds people of the sky. The higher your tops, the darker the shade of blue for the ideal feel for your space.

Crisp White

Crisp white is probably the most common colour to paint your ceilings; primarily because of the warm feeling it provides your space. Painting your ceiling with bright colours will require lighter shades on your walls for a more natural feel. The plus side of using this colour is that you get to take advantage of daylight, saving you on power and electricity expenses.

There are numerous colour options you can use to paint your kitchen. Whichever options you choose, ensure that they complement each other and sum up with a warm and comforting colour scheme that will leave all your visitors awed. Reach out to Bourne Decorators for more information.