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9 Top Tips To Help You Wallpaper Your Ceiling


When it comes to wallpapering your Hampshire home, you could do it the more typical way and only apply the paper to the walls of your rooms or you could think outside the box a little bit and consider papering the ceilings instead.

As those in the know at John Lewis would have it, this is actually set to be a big trend for interiors over the coming 12 months so if you’re keen for your home to be as fashionable as can be, this could be a good way to achieve this goal.

The company was quoted by Ideal Home as saying: “The trend for bold home styling and statement wallpaper will reach new heights in 2020, with the ceiling set for a makeover.”

It might not be quite as easy wallpapering the ceiling as it is the walls, however, so if you already know you’re not that experienced in this regard, it could certainly be worth hiring professional painters and decorators to get the job done right the first time.

If you’re determined to go it alone and do the work yourself, be mindful that you’ll be working at height and you’ll have gravity working against you, so it’s more than likely to be a two person job. A hop-up platform can help to make the job easier as it will allow you to move horizontally and reach the ceiling easily at the same time.

Prepare your ceiling in the same way that you would the walls for paper, removing and scraping any old paint and dirt. Then give the ceiling a good wash with some soap to get rid of any debris and grease, before leaving to dry.

You then need to measure your first strip of wallpaper based on the length of the ceiling, adding a few centimetres at both ends just in case. Mark your ceiling with a straight line so you know you’re working correctly, using a spirit level to make sure that it stays straight across the length of the ceiling.

When hanging your first strip of paper, really take your time and be as precise as you can, as it’s this length of paper that will be the foundation for the rest of the job. If this is wrong, the rest will follow suit.

You also need to think about the lights in the ceiling, as you’ll need to make a hole in the paper to accommodate these. If you have a ceiling with lots of spotlights in it, you might want to consider wallpapering a different room, especially if you’re not confident in your wallpapering abilities.

But if you’re determined to have a ceiling with spotlights wallpapered, it might well be best to call out experienced decorators in Hampshire or your local area to make sure the job is done to perfection.


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Could Repainting Add Value To Your Home?


Apparently the answer to that question is yes, and quite a bit, if research from Sellhousefast is anything to go by.

Real Homes shared calculations made by the company, which worked out that repainting every room in your property could boost its value by around £7,000.

The figures are based on the average price of a home in the UK, and the firm used data from Hiscox about the percentage change in the value of properties after certain home improvement projects are completed.

One of the most lucrative things to do to your home is add a new bedroom. This could boost a property’s value by over £25,000.

Loft conversions and extensions are also a good choice if you’re making changes with a view to selling your property in the future, with each adding nearly £24,000 to the price of the average UK home.

Sellhousefast managing director Robby Du Toit commented: “Homeowners making the decision to stay put and add, improve and renovate their homes instead of moving is becoming the new trend for those looking to adapt their property to meet their ever-changing needs and evolving lifestyles.”

If you’d rather spend money on wallpapering in Hampshire than painting, make sure you brush up on your wallpapering skills or pay professionals to do the work to get the best possible finish.

This could allow you to embrace one of the top trends identified in home decor earlier this year. Floral patterns are big in home interiors, whether they’re on walls or upholstery, the Houston Chronicle reported.

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Floral Designs: A Top Interiors Trend


The days of floral patterns being seen as old-fashioned are long gone, well as long as they’re the right kind of floral designs that is.

An article for the Houston Chronicle recently noted that florals are being embraced in one of two ways: larger than life and as small, delicate accents to a space.

With the former, you should think “peonies as big as your head, or tile mosaics that take over an entire wall”, the news provider suggested. If you’re planning to revamp a room in your home, you might want to look at the various floral-themed wallpapers on offer.

Just make sure you hire some help with wallpapering in Hampshire if this isn’t your forte, otherwise you could find that the pattern doesn’t quite match up if you don’t hang the paper correctly.

The news provider pointed out that if you’d rather go for floral accents, instead of covering an entire wall in blooms, there are a number of unusual interior decor pieces out there. These include rugs, glasses featuring delicate flower designs and even light fittings that mimic blooms.

Of course, flowers aren’t the only big thing in interior design at the moment. According to Etsy, one of the other big trends to keep an eye on is tie-dye. Think cushions, bedding and other soft furnishings if you’re looking for ways to introduce it to your home.

Animal prints and all other things animal generally were also cited by House Beautiful when running through the top trends identified by the retail platform. Sloths, jungle cats and parrots were named as some of the top creatures people have been searching for.

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Top Home Design Trends Unveiled

Interior Painting Guildford

If you’ve been thinking about revamping your home but want to do something a little more unusual than put a fresh coat of magnolia paint on the walls, you might be interested in some of the top home decor trends as identified by Etsy.

House Beautiful shared the findings from the platform, which picked out some of the top choices based on what sellers are making and on what consumers are searching for and buying.

Among them is a revival of tie-dye. Although you might think of it as a fixture of the ‘70s, it’s certainly something that appears to be making a comeback, with 276,000 searches for the term ‘tie-dye’ in the last three months alone.

That’s in addition to 1.7 million searches for ‘70s’ in the past year as well. But it’s a more sophisticated style of tie-dye than the vibrant colours you may remember from years gone by. Pastel shades are all the rage.

It’s no secret that wallpaper has been making a comeback, but it’s not always where you might expect it. Etsy revealed that people are using wallpaper in increasingly creative ways, to add colour or patterns to staircases and furniture, such as dressers.

Floor and stair decals are both search terms that have seen a rise in popularity, as well as tile decals.

Of course, you may also want help with some more traditional wallpapering in Hampshire if you’re giving your home a facelift.

This was named by as an increasingly popular choice among homeowners recently, with more people keen to add intricate designs to their walls rather than sticking to just paints.

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Is Wallpapering The Next Big Thing In Interior Design?


In the 1990s, so many people plastered floral wallpaper around their houses that it was inevitable there would be a backlash, and ever since then most homeowners have favoured paint to decorate their homes.

However, wallpapering in Hampshire is back with vengeance, as more and more properties are being given a new lease of life with intricate designs on their walls.

According to “Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice when it comes to decorating. It can add instant colour and impact to any interior space.”

Indeed, while there are thousands of paints to choose from, there is nothing quite as unique as patterned wallpaper that can really embellish the interior design of a room or complement the overall theme.

What’s more, Design Allure says homeowners are loving wallpaper more than ever due to the great designs that are popular at moment – from bold florals to geometric patterns.

The website also states: “Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that.”

Indeed, one of the reasons why geometric wallpapers are so on trend at the moment is that they add another dimension to a room, providing visual interest in a contemporary property.

You can even get textured wallpaper nowadays – from wood to brick patterns – that can totally transform the appearance of a home, making it look like a traditional farmhouse or a fashionable New York loft.

Of course, as it is 2019, you could even opt for 3D printed wallpaper. This really helps to incorporate a different feeling of texture and space to a room.