Hallway Colour Schemes

When you enter a home, what do your eyes see first? It’s the hallway or the entry way. Like many individuals, you might scan an entire area, but you can’t help but notice the hallway. Whether it is an entryway or the corridor leading straight to the back of the house, this area gives guests a first impression of your home. Thus, choosing the best hallway colour schemes that match your personality and your home’s style is quite important to convey a welcoming atmosphere.

10 Hallway Colour Schemes

Our eyes tend to wander to find some soothing colours around us. While there are no hard, fast rules to choosing the perfect hallway colour scheme, you can tie in the rest of your home’s decor with this space since its primary purpose is to “introduce” entrants to the style and vibe of the rest of your home. Likewise, an entryway can also accent the more subdued rooms by adding a pop of colour by applying bright hues on the door or walls or adding patterned wallpaper below the chair railing to complement solid colours.

To start with, we present some hallway colour schemes that will make a solid first impression to suit any style preference.

1. A Walk Back in Time

The vintage appeal of the metallic radiator, the classic light fixtures, the solid wood door, and the antique trunk lay against a calming backdrop of white. The grey-blue below offsets the light colour with the stone tile tying in the earthy tones.

A Walk Back in Time
A Minimalist’s Dream

2. A Minimalist’s Dream

Although subdued, this hallway colour scheme makes a bold statement about simple pleasures. You will gain impressions of minimalism by using the soft grey tone that delightfully ends with a natural green accent wall. Other tell-tale traits of this style can include simple framed artworks, a matching plant, and white trim to bring the entire scheme together.

A Minimalist’s Dream

3. Light and Airy

The delicate seafoam walls contrasted with the glossy white ceiling, trim, and doors are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to experiment too much with their entryway. The beige hardwood floors will help to emphasise the natural light radiating from the skylight while giving the impression of a light breeze whispering throughout the space.

Light and Airy
A Touch of Gold

4. A Touch of Gold

Tan is often overlooked when selecting neutral hallway colour schemes. However, combining this primary hue with a retro table-and-seat combo that holds the statement lamp go hand-in-hand. Compliment the hints of green from the seat with a plant to add bursts of colour without overshadowing the classic white bannister.

A Touch of Gold

5. More than Meets the Eye

How do you take a narrow hallway and make it feel spacious and airy? You take an ethereal, pastel blue semi-gloss, combine it with a lighter shade, and place the pair on an accent wall facing a large, round mirror that gives the impression of added space.

More than Meets the Eye
Modern Meets Classical

6. Modern Meets Classical

Who says that classical architectural pieces have to be surrounded by alabaster? A Greco-Roman inspired arch retains its awe and even stands out more, thanks to the slate shade surrounding it. To offset the impact of this hallway colour scheme, shades of brown and blue are incorporated through the daring pattern of this runner.

Modern Meets Classical

7. No Place Like Home

A white bannister offset by the dark wood rail and the hint of yellow eggshell tone, will make the entryway feel like home. A generous amount of natural light will enhance the soft shades of this hallway colour scheme.

No Place Like Home
Bashful Mahogany

8. Bashful Mahogany

The mahogany finish on the stair rails stands out amid a background of this exquisite pink. Though a pastel shade, this tone still gives a feeling of warmth as it also surrounds white wood flooring covered by a beige runner.

Bashful Mahogany

9. Whimsical Country Hallway

The mint green surrounds country-style decor, from the earth-toned stone flooring to the lovely pearl white moulding and trim. This satin finish softly reflects the abundance of natural light that emphasises the friendly, family atmosphere.

Whimsical Country Hallway
Ah! Burgundy

10. Ah! Burgundy

This burgundy eggshell finish can be considered risky, yet this stunning hue paired with white semi-gloss proves to be one of the most breath-taking hallway colour schemes that strategically ties in a vast array of colours–from the striped stair runner to the books that draw that eyes upward.

Ah! Burgundy

As you can see, this diverse selection of stunning hallway colour schemes will make a solid first impression on the visitors. These colour schemes will help in achieving a seamless look throughout the space which is otherwise no easy feat. Therefore, consider hiring a professional painter and decorator who stays abreast of the latest trends while appreciating the classical, time-honoured designs. For a wonderfully bespoke design and finish that brightens up your hallway, contact the professionals at Bourne Decorators.