Colours are crucial parts of our lives. Whether it is our clothes, accessories, or even home, combinations of colours drive our moods. It would be right to conclude that colours play a pivotal role in everything we do.

Everyone is generally inclined towards a colour or two and feels more connected to, isn’t it? Choosing a colour for the interiors becomes more important so that it resonates with you while being timeless at the same time. As you don’t change the paint every day, it is imperative to choose the right colour combinations for your home that are an expression of your personality.

There are some inevitable mistakes that people make while choosing the colours to paint their home. But don’t worry! We are here to make your life much easier. So, without any further ado, let’s head to the timeless go-to colour combinations to make your home more beautiful!

Two Best Colour Combinations for Bedroom

Grey and White

Grey is a neutral colour; the best advantage of using grey is that it aligns well with many shades. In contrast, it will add to the serenity of the space. Grey and White are a perfectly balanced colour combination for your bedroom walls. It is always good to choose peaceful and elegant colours, particularly for your bedroom, as they should produce a sense of calmness.

Lavender and Off-White

It would accentuate the interior decors, whether it is modern or classic. You may choose to showcase some artwork on your bedroom walls. Lavender will enhance the appeal of art pieces, while off-white would add some much-needed tranquility to your bedroom.

These suggested colours will not only give you an elite bedroom but also usher in a lot of positivity. If you are looking for a refreshing yet peaceful interior, then you can try these two colour combinations.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Kitchen

You would find designer and modular kitchens almost in every UK home nowadays. There are plenty of styles and themes to choose from, like blends of slightly dark yet cooler shades, neutral palettes with adventurous solid streaks of grey, white or blue. Let us give you some colour schemes recommended by experts that are just perfect for every kitchen.

Indigo and White

These two colours will make your kitchen look more luxurious and spacious. This colour combination is perhaps the best when it comes to class and timelessness, according to experts.

Green & White

There is definitive proof that Green can work in any kitchen. If you are looking for a unique blend, then Green and White is probably the answer for you. Give your kitchen a lively look. With Green in it, you and your relatives would want to spend every minute in this very kitchen. Be ready for it! It will completely transform the soul of your home into a gorgeous space that is sure to stimulate your senses and make your cooking session truly a delight.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Living Room

Your living room is perhaps the most visited and engaged area of your home, primarily when guests and relatives are visiting. Make sure you decorate and paint it perfectly with eye-catching colours that instantly fill the hearts with joy and happiness. Here are some expert-recommended palettes which will set the mood for your living space.

Cobalt Blue & Beige

Take the ambience of your living room to the next level with a vibrant burst of cobalt. Just make sure; however, you don’t overplay with the colour. Combine it with lighter tones of beige to get a bespoke look and yet feel classic. Make it creative and unique by incorporating brown leather accents.

Red, Green or Purple with a blend of White

According to a study, these are some of the most used colours in the UK, particularly in the living room. Combine any of these colours with white or off white to get a perfect living room. You can paint one wall with something as bold and bright as red and let it be the accent wall to attract everyone’s attention.

For compact living spaces, brighter shades often do wonders. But if space is not a constraint, you can go for Royal Hues such as Dark green or purple.

Two Best Colour Combinations for Bathroom

People are shifting towards a minimalistic approach to bathrooms as it makes the space look serene. What do we need from our bathroom space? It should make you feel relaxed and calm; that’s where these expert-recommended colours come into play.

Grey and white (Neutral Colours)

When choosing colour patterns for bathrooms, soft tones work the best. All grey walls with white bathroom fixtures and black accents are some of the modern bathroom design trends these days. Choosing monochromatic colours will make your washroom cosy yet look ultra uber.

Brighter tones

A lot depends upon the size of the bathroom when deciding the colours. Brighter tones work best for shared spaces, whereas contrast colours will add to the richness of your home. All you have to do is add some nice-looking bathroom accessories to make it look luxurious. All white with a pop of colour on one of the walls.

Pro Tip:

A pro tip is to use a neutral shade that will complement the space. If you want to create something creative, you should consider choosing the Mellow Yellow theme or bring in a Sea of Greens to your living space. You can never go wrong with these expert-recommended colour combinations for your home.

The colour combination for bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom has a profound influence. These premium colour combinations will undoubtedly complement your home. Go ahead and choose any of the recommended ideas. If you are still unsure, it is always good to seek advice from a professional painter.

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