Accent Wall Ideas That Will Change the Whole Ambience of Your Living Room

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By playing with colours, textures, tones and assembling some bright and attractive pieces, you can create a unique accent wall for your living room. This wall is going to bring the missing charm to your living room and make it more welcoming. People won’t get tired of appreciating you for having such an attractive living area.

Accent walls not only create a focal point but are a great budget-friendly way of redoing your living room. Here we share some of our favourite accent wall ideas that will change the whole ambience of your living room.

11 Accent Wall Ideas for Living Room

1. Textured Wall

Creating textures with paint is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways of creating an accent wall. You can play with a combination of colours according to your choice.

2. Wallpaper

You can go for geometric patterns, intricate patterns, floral, or character wallpapers as well. Choosing your wallpaper wisely is very important because the wrong one may make the room cramped. Opt for Do It Yourself or hire a professional to hang wallpaper for that perfect-looking accent wall.

Pro tip: If you have a smaller living room, go for lighter tones and less intricate motifs.

3. Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling is the rage all over the world when it comes to creating accent walls. You have the option to choose simple shapes to complicated patterns. This idea will add a touch of dimension and style to your living room.

4. Mural

Use your imagination, bring them on the blank canvas, and create an amazing accent wall that no one can stop appreciating. You can replicate some famous artwork or go creative with your brush and intrigue people visiting you.

5. Tiling

Tiling one of the walls can hide all the damps, cracks and peeling etc., and give you a feeling of a completely new space. Go to your local tile store or visit them online if you’re lazy and check out their collection. Ceramic Tile Warehouse is one such store in Surrey that’s available online and offline.

6. Open Brick Wall

It has been an ongoing trend for some time, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is for someone who likes the rustic feel and appreciates a timeless touch.

7. World Map

If you have the traveller soul and are looking for a beautifully finished space, this accent wall idea is going to take you on nostalgic trips every time you look at it and inspire you to take more.

8. Frames

You can never go wrong with this. Whether you are a family man or a bachelor or someone who likes to collect artworks of different artists, dedicate one wall to frames. You can keep the frames in a pattern or go asymmetric with your placement.

9. Souvenier Showcase

You love collecting artefacts from places you visit or have a cluster of beautiful pieces from your friends; nothing can be better than a wooden cabinet specially designed to fit your living room.

10. Double up the Space

Mirrors not only double up the space but also brighten the area when coupled with the right lighting. Combine it with silver accents to create spaces that glow and exude luxury.

11. Green

Nothing can be better than a wall full of greenery. If you have ample light coming in, pick your favourite indoor plants, big and small, to create a world full of freshness and positivity.

Which wall should be the accent wall?

No matter the overall look, an accent wall brings in colours or patterns into your living room. You can convert any wall into your accent wall. Let’s look at the options:

Dining space – If you have a connected dining area, you can turn that wall into an accent wall.

Behind the couch – The best place to create an accent wall is behind the couch.

Entryway – As we say, the first impression is the last; your entryway accent wall will perfectly do that for you.

Television unit – Dark colours for your TV wall will provide great harmony and give more of a theatrical feel.

Fireplace – In UK homes, a fireplace is very common, and converting your fireplace wall into an accent wall will save your space yet give you enough freedom to use your imagination.

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