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Adding a coat of paint to a building or furniture enhances its aesthetic appearance. However, until recently, many people did not know how painting their buildings affected the environment. Today, there is an emerging alternative known as eco-friendly paints in UK. These are paints that release lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to a building’s interior, are odour-free, and have less impact on the environment. Before we talk about the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, let’s see the benefits of these paints.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paints

Environmentally friendly paints have several outstanding benefits in comparison to others. These advantages include:

Less VOC Release

Volatile organic compounds found in commercial paint brands are dangerous. This is because the chemical waste left behind by the VOCs does not decompose and is non-recyclable. On the flip side, eco-friendly paints have little or no traces of these chemicals, making them less harmful to the environment.

Lower health Risk

Eco-friendly paints are an excellent choice for your home, especially if you have pets and children or someone with respiratory conditions, such as asthma. That is because these paints are less toxic, produce fewer fumes, and you can use them conveniently without compromising on quality.


When it comes to prices, eco-friendly paints may be more expensive than their regular cousins, but they can save you a substantial amount in the long run. Due to their low levels of VOCs, you will stay healthy. Additionally, ‘green’ paints have been proven to have higher quality, abrasion resistance, viscosity, and colour retention.

Low Adverse Effect on the Environment

As their name suggests, eco-friendly paint is designed while keeping the environment in mind. They are non-toxic. Additionally, eco-friendly dyes produce less waste and significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

5 Eco-Friendly Paint Brands Available in UK Market

You have a whole variety of environmental-friendly paint brands in UK market, but there are those you should keep an eye on. In this section, you will learn about the best choices you can make to ensure your family’s health and the environment is safe:

1. Earthborn

This is one of the eco-friendly paints brands in UK that offer quality with almost zero VOCs. Earthborn prides itself on being the holder of the Eco label for Indoor Paints and Varnishes, a licence given by the EU. The brand has an extensive array of aesthetically appealing shades that come with the standard for Safety of Toys and are highly breathable. This makes the paints convenient for your children’s toys, room, and furniture.

2. Lick

Lick is well-known eco-friendly paint brand in UK, which has partnered with 4ocean to ensure the cleanliness of water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and seas. This shows how much the brand is concerned about the environment and your family’s health. It is designed using a water-based formula with a low VOC content.

3. Little Greene

Besides being environmentally conscious, Little Greene is a brand that focuses on corporate social responsibility. There is an extensive array of Little Greene paints, some of which are suitable for exterior use. The company has partnered with the National Trust, a charity that works on paint research. A percentage of the buying price of every tin goes towards these research projects. Additionally, Little Greene’s paints are of high quality, that additionally makes it one of the best eco-friendly paint brands in UK, and the brand claims that their products have 40% more pigments than other paints. 50% of the material used in making the tins is recycled steel, which you can re-recycle after emptying its contents.

4. Edward Bulmer

Edward Bulmer has become a household name when it comes to eco-friendly paint brands in UK. Besides being plastic-free, the vast array of shades in this brand is microporous, which means that the surfaces they are applied to have a breathing space. The ingredients are what make these paints earth-friendly. They are made from plant raw materials, such as linseed oil, and mineral raw materials, such as earth, chalk, and mineral pigments.

5. Graphenstone

One of the outstanding features of Graphenstone paints is that they contain organic lime, which is responsible for the absorption of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. Reports show that the amount of CO2 that three 15-litre Graphenstone paint tins absorb in one year is equivalent to the one absorbed by a fully grown tree. Besides the CO2 absorption, these paints’ cans are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

In the UK, the number of of eco-friendly paint brands in the market is overwhelming. They come in all sorts of colours, quantities, and price ranges. However, as you shop for your next paint for your home’s interior, exterior, or furniture, you need to be mindful of how that paint can affect your family’s health and the environment. That is why it is recommendable to consider the above-explained best eco-friendly paint brands in UK. The paint options mentioned in the article are environmentally friendly and are available in almost all paint distributors in the UK. It would be wise to consider Bourne Decorators to get a paint that satisfies your needs.

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