The Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior in Hampshire, UK

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Your home’s exterior is the first thing that catches the eye of visitors. Hence, regular maintenance, like a fresh coat of paint, protects the structure’s surface while sustaining its resale value. Nonetheless, you might need to plan carefully for this project since you can’t paint your home’s exterior at any random time of the year. You would have to consider outdoor temperatures and weather conditions, and season. So, let’s look at the best practices and the best time to paint your home’s exterior in Hampshire, UK and around.

Prime Time for Painting the Home Exterior

If you want a beautiful and lasting finish after painting your home’s exterior, then you should carefully consider the timing of your project. The following presents some tips involving the best time of the year.

1. Best Season for Painting

Generally, the early spring, say mid-April to the mid-autumn towards the end of September, presents an excellent opportunity to paint the exterior of your house. There won’t be as much humidity during these seasons which adversely affects the drying time, and the weather is also favourable for the painters working outdoors. However, if you want to achieve the best finish, then the middle to late summer and early autumn presents the best window of opportunity for getting your house exterior painted. During this time of year, you won’t have to concern too much about rain ruining your project and just extending the time of completion. Therefore, if you know the time of year when the weather is dry and settled, you can contact the painters and decorators in Hampshire accordingly. You’ll have better chances of the paint curing completely.

Creating textures with paint is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways of creating an accent wall. You can play with a combination of colours according to your choice.

2. Ideal Temperature for Exterior Painting

While choosing the ideal season helps to ensure good results, you’ll also have to be mindful of the temperature outside. In fact, cooler temperatures tend to prolong the drying time. Conversely, when you start painting the exterior in extremely warm temperatures, you might think that a shorter drying time would be an advantage. However, when exterior paint dries too quickly, unsightly brush marks and clumps are left. So, the best temperature range for getting the exterior of your home painted, especially in the Hampshire and surrounding region, lies between 16°C to 29°C. Not only will these conditions further guarantee a proper cure but also an excellent finish.

What You Should Avoid

After looking at some help and advice for painting your home’s exterior, we can look at some common mistakes to avoid. While everyone is only human, a few mishaps can happen with anyone. There are some factors that can affect the results. So closely examining these situations might make for a smooth completion.

1. Forgetting to Plan Ahead

There are years when you might feel like you’ve let a home-improvement project go too long, and you get rather anxious to start. The next thing you know, you’ve let your painters start the work and about halfway through you realize that the rest of the week’s forecast calls for showers and a heavy breeze, or you want to get the whole house painted. Worse yet, your work schedule changes suddenly. You may not be able to anticipate every mishap, but at least six months ahead of time, you can schedule your project for late summer or, at the latest, early autumn. Moreover, you might consider making a list of other related tasks such as power washing the sides of the house and scraping and sanding off paint that’s already peeling. Consulting with a professional painter in Hampshire who has the experience to walk you through the planning will help.

2. Not Keeping an Eye on Weather Forecasts

In Hampshire, you’ll most likely get the best weather for painting in July. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye out for the forecast for breezes; just be safe. Plus, you can count on average temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, making for excellent conditions for painting and proper curing. Still, watching the forecast during your project would be helpful when it comes to planning.

3. Waiting Too Long to Repaint the Exterior

Like any other form of household maintenance, painting your home’s exterior needs to be done regularly. The frequency, though, differs according to the type of surface of your home’s outer walls. For instance, wood surfaces should be painted every three to seven years. You should aim for no less than every five years for aluminium siding. Every five to ten years should suffice depending on the surface material and the quality of the previously completed paint job.

As you can see, painting a home’s exterior can not be done at just any time of the year. For expert insight into this sort of project and for a high-quality finish, you can consult with Bourne Decorators. They are your most diligent, most experienced painters in Hampshire. Plus, they’re ready to transform your home’s façade into a masterpiece.