The days of floral patterns being seen as old-fashioned are long gone, well as long as they’re the right kind of floral designs that is.

An article for the Houston Chronicle recently noted that florals are being embraced in one of two ways: larger than life and as small, delicate accents to a space.

With the former, you should think “peonies as big as your head, or tile mosaics that take over an entire wall”, the news provider suggested. If you’re planning to revamp a room in your home, you might want to look at the various floral-themed wallpapers on offer.

Just make sure you hire some help with wallpapering in Hampshire if this isn’t your forte, otherwise you could find that the pattern doesn’t quite match up if you don’t hang the paper correctly.

The news provider pointed out that if you’d rather go for floral accents, instead of covering an entire wall in blooms, there are a number of unusual interior decor pieces out there. These include rugs, glasses featuring delicate flower designs and even light fittings that mimic blooms.

Of course, flowers aren’t the only big thing in interior design at the moment. According to Etsy, one of the other big trends to keep an eye on is tie-dye. Think cushions, bedding and other soft furnishings if you’re looking for ways to introduce it to your home.

Animal prints and all other things animal generally were also cited by House Beautiful when running through the top trends identified by the retail platform. Sloths, jungle cats and parrots were named as some of the top creatures people have been searching for.