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Here at Bourne Decorators, we specialise in painting and decorating across the Hampshire and Surrey areas, skilled in all aspects of commercial and domestic solutions, whether that’s carpentry and plastering or wallpapering, wood stripping and painting internally and externally.

But we also take on less-than-ordinary jobs of a different nature, having just completed work on a covered swimming pool in Farnham in Surrey! This was certainly an interesting one for us and not especially easy to complete, as we were unable to use conventional scaffolding systems because of the weight of the boards and poles, which would have undoubtedly broken the surrounding tiles.

First, we surveyed the area and compiled a plan to build a tower scaffold throughout the entire building. As you can see from the images below, we first had to use gantry beams to span the pool, which were fixed together with metal bolts and pins, providing us with the perfect base to build our tower for safe access.

This particular swimming pool was built 13 long years ago and aside from a bit of minimal maintenance here and there, it has never been redecorated! We started the job by applying fungicide solution to all parts of the pool, before washing it down with a sugar soap solution.

Once this had been completed, we went on to carry out remedial repairs, applying two full coats of anti-condensation paint where applicable. Once the substrate has been fully prepared, you can then use any finish you like. We decided to go with Johnstone’s cleanable matte, which is superior to most paints you can get these days.

If you’ve got a similar project in mind, get in touch with Guildford painters to see how we can help.


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