Home Decor Predictions For 2019

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While the first thing you consider when planning a home decorating project is your tastes, it’s also a good idea to look at some of the wider interior trends to get some inspiration for your home.

Real Simple recently shared the top trend predictions from Zillow, noting that modernist and industrialist looks are both set to rise in popularity in the coming months.

Speaking to the news provider, Kerrie Kelly explained that it’s all about getting the balance between modern decor and a softer finish. This will mean you have what’s best described as a “warm modernist” finish.

So what does that mean in practice? It includes using softer colours and natural elements to help soften the often harsh nature of traditional modernist decor.

It’s the same if you’re going for a more industrialist look, where Ms Kelly recommends using a moody colour palette to get the desired effect.

There are two other trends that seem to be somewhat contradictory too. One is the rise of smart devices in our homes, with more and more of us embracing this technology. However, at the same time people are also looking to create sanctuaries where they can disconnect.

It also seems that bold prints and bright colours aren’t going anywhere yet either. Herald Live recently rounded up some of the top interior trends this year, noting that tropical motifs and palm prints are set to be all the rage.

Pantone has chosen ‘living coral’ as its colour of the year too, which indicates a shift towards “warmer neutrals” in terms of people’s colour schemes, the news provider stated.

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