How To Use Interior Design To Keep Summer Alive In Your Home

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As the end of August is approaching and children up and down the UK are preparing to go back to school, there’s no denying that we’re nearing the end of summer. Despite some hot weather lately, the end of the summer is certainly upon us.

But you don’t have to say goodbye to the warmth and vibrancy of summer just yet if you don’t want to – you could help the season live on in your home.

Head Stuff recently offered some suggestions of how you could decorate to make your home feel like a beautiful summer’s day.

If this sounds like something that would be right up your street, start by picking a theme. This is important as it will help you narrow down your decor choices and allow you to select colours that work together.

One suggestion from the news provider is a beach theme. To bring this into your home pick blue shades, naval stripes and other nautical elements of decor. Another option is to channel the beauty of the garden. Opt for a floral theme and use the brightly coloured summer blooms as your inspiration.

For anyone who’s feeling like they want something a bit bolder, a Miami theme could be the way to go. “Include bright pinks and greens, green plants, and sunglasses or flip-flops for decor items,” the news provider advised.

If you have a fairly neutral space and don’t want to fully redecorate, try using accessories to bring a feeling of summer to your home. Wallart, throws, cushions, rugs and other decor items can all bring a space to life and inject some colour.

Look for places where you can introduce some fun and colourful patterns too. This might be in the form of bed linen in the bedroom, or it could mean using wallpaper to create a vibrant feature wall to bring you those summer vibes all the way through winter.

Don’t forget that you can get help with wallpapering in Hampshire, or wherever you live, from a professional decorator to ensure that it looks stunning.

If you’re concerned about the cost of revamping a room, or multiple rooms, in your home you may want to take the advice of Instagram design guru Lydia Elise Millen. She recently offered some advice to Cosmopolitan readers about how to find the right balance between spending and saving when it comes to decorating.

Her top tip is to mix items at different price points. One area where it’s worth splurging is on the sofa, she explained, but noted that there are lots of ways to save a bit of cash. This includes not going overboard with your finishing touches and spending a bit of time scouring second-hand shops for quirky pieces at affordable prices.

Ms Millen also recommends taking inspiration from high-end designers and then finding ways to recreate their style using more budget options. “You can also mix and match high and low. For example, you can buy plants from your local market and complement them with a trendy plant from a high street retailer’s home section,” she added.