Is Wallpapering The Next Big Thing In Interior Design?

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In the 1990s, so many people plastered floral wallpaper around their houses that it was inevitable there would be a backlash, and ever since then most homeowners have favoured paint to decorate their homes.

However, wallpapering in Hampshire is back with vengeance, as more and more properties are being given a new lease of life with intricate designs on their walls.

According to “Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice when it comes to decorating. It can add instant colour and impact to any interior space.”

Indeed, while there are thousands of paints to choose from, there is nothing quite as unique as patterned wallpaper that can really embellish the interior design of a room or complement the overall theme.

What’s more, Design Allure says homeowners are loving wallpaper more than ever due to the great designs that are popular at moment – from bold florals to geometric patterns.

The website also states: “Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that.”

Indeed, one of the reasons why geometric wallpapers are so on trend at the moment is that they add another dimension to a room, providing visual interest in a contemporary property.

You can even get textured wallpaper nowadays – from wood to brick patterns – that can totally transform the appearance of a home, making it look like a traditional farmhouse or a fashionable New York loft.

Of course, as it is 2019, you could even opt for 3D printed wallpaper. This really helps to incorporate a different feeling of texture and space to a room.