Paint Your Ceiling For A Big Interior Impact

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When it comes to decorating, it can often feel like a lot of work. You need to clear the room you’re revamping as best you can, moving everything away from the walls and then you have to mask off all the woodwork and make sure you’ve covered everything with a dust sheet.

Or, you could focus on painting your ceiling instead. This is the advice from Homes & Property, which noted that painting your ceiling can have a big impact on the appearance of your space.

Creative director at Dulux Marianne Shillingford explained that you shouldn’t just stick with white either.

“Adding colour to the ceiling is a really big thing at the moment. It completely transforms a room and makes it cosy and cocooning,” she revealed.

If you’re going to be drawing attention to the ceiling by painting it in a colour other than white, it’s advisable to also invest in statement ceiling or wall lights to really accentuate the colour.

You can leave the walls relatively plain, especially if you’re opting for a vibrant colour on your ceiling, but it’s worth introducing some pieces of furniture or soft furnishings in a similar shade to tie the whole space together and provide pieces of visual interest.

If even painting your ceiling feels like too much effort for you, you could hire a painter in Winchester, or wherever you live, to do it for you.

And it turns out that repainting your entire home could add thousands to its value if you’re planning to sell. Real Homes recently shared research by Sellhousefast, which found that if you repaint every room in your property you could see the asking price increase by around £7,000 when it’s on the market.