What Decorating Trends Can We Expect In 2020?

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With the new decade beginning, there are going to be plenty of new interiors trends to give you inspiration for your home.

Good Housekeeping recently shared some of the predictions from a number of professional interior designers, who offered their ideas on what colours and decor ideas we should be considering for our homes in the coming year.

One of the top trends identified, not only by the designers who spoke to the publication, but also Pantone, is the colour navy blue. Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 was Classic Blue, which is a shade of navy.

Kerrie Kelly, founder of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, explained why it’s such a good colour to use in your home. “Navy blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles,” she asserted.

Among the reasons why it’s such a good option is that you can use it to create a dramatic look in your home that introduces contrast without the need to use black.

In fact, high contrast decor is another trend that you can expect to see in more homes around the UK in the coming year. According to Bria Hammel, CEO of Bria Hammel Interiors, you can create this look relatively easily by introducing dark-coloured furniture to rooms that are painted in pale shades.

When it comes to our kitchens, we can expect to see a bit more colour entering this space. White has long been a popular choice for kitchen decor, but there’s going to be a shift towards more vibrant shades in this space.

One thing to consider is colour-pop cabinets. As the name suggests, this involves painting your kitchen cabinets in a bright colour. Blue, yellow, red, green or navy blue are among the options that will look great when introduced to this space, the magazine revealed.

Non-white kitchens can also be designed using natural materials. As Ms Hammel explained, using wood for cabinets, islands or shelves in the kitchen can be a great way to escape from the more sterile-looking white work surfaces and cabinets often found in homes.

In terms of how we decorate our newly painted or wallpapered walls, art is going to be important, and more specifically antique art. Ms Hammel noted that “people love that it looks aged and that it has a story to it”, which is why it’s growing in popularity.

Hanging art on the walls in your kitchen is another trend to watch and one that can help elevate this space from being functional to having a more personal touch.

Real Simple has also compiled a list of the top home decor trends that are expected to grow in popularity in 2020 and beyond. The website highlighted some alternative colours to consider if you’re going to be putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls – namely beige and rich greens.

According to the publication, beige and other warm neutrals are set to take over from whites and cool neutrals in the coming year as homeowners look at ways to make their rooms feel more homey. Although navy blue is the main colour to watch, greens in a range of shades are finding favour too.

The key, the website noted, is to choose shades of green with “blue or grey undertones”.

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