hiring a professional painter

Painting is a quick way to improve the home value by giving a new vibe to the exterior or interior. Although painting is an often-preferred DIY project for many homeowners, many times it is much more work than initially planned. Also, you might worry about applying each coat evenly while keeping the surrounding area free of paint.

So, to avoid that, hiring a professional painter should be your go-to option. Now, how exactly do you determine which painter is best to go with? Read further to know the factors to consider while hiring a painter.

Factors to consider while Hiring a Professional Painter

Deciding upon hiring a professional painter doesn’t have to be complex, but here are some considerations to remember as you go through the process:


Before hiring a professional painter, the timeline should be determined and discussed with the candidate. First off, how long will the project take? A good estimate of how many days can go a long way especially if you’re looking at a limited amount of time due to your family’s schedule. The reason behind finding out a start and finish date relates to being temporarily uprooted due to moving furniture around and covering items to prevent paint stains.

Also, remember that while you have a set timeline in mind, the painter might not operate within those constraints. So, you’ll need to find a professional who at least comes close to (better yet can) meet your deadline.


Additionally, based on your location, exterior painting may be available during the warmer months, so, planning can be key. More specifically, you might consider the humidity level, wind, or chance of storms. While you can’t always predict the weather, you can also look at the trends that occur during the spring, summer, and early fall to decide on the right time for your project.

Also, experienced painters can offer suggestions on when to schedule your work since they already have knowledge of how weather conditions will affect the results.

Communication about Project Details

Furthermore, you should jot down details and expectations to discuss with the project managers. For instance, “are you hiring a professional painter to complete the exterior, interior, or both?” Many contractors have specific crews for each type of project, and each one might have its schedules to follow.

Therefore, if you’re planning on having both the inside and outside painted, it’s best to be prepared to communicate the details with both project managers and to have some flexibility. Likewise, you might find out that planning one painting project at a time would work out best.


While price and quality are the two main decision factors, flexibility is also incredibly crucial, not just from the client side but also from the painter. Fortunately, both parties can agree on this aspect during the consultation with the project manager. For instance, you might have wished to paint the interior of your home and believed that the task would be straightforward in the past. However, upon closer inspection, the contractor found minor surface flaws on the walls that required patching and refinishing.

While this adds to the overall cost and might affect the timeline, you might ponder this information carefully because even minor dents can have a negative effect on the paint’s finish and longevity. Thus, a bit of flexibility is necessary for the success of the project as long as you’re satisfied with the results and comfortable with the choices offered before a contract is signed.

Cost of Hiring a Painter

Finally, cost proves to be one of the major determining factors behind the final decision. Fortunately, a reputable painter will provide an itemized estimate of both expenses (which are often decided by the scope and size of the project) and time. The estimated cost would also include any other required repairs or preparation work, as well as measurements of the areas to be painted. If you interview two to three potential candidates, you’ll have multiple estimates to compare and detailed proposals for the project. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their pricing.

Lastly, referrals and satisfied customers are what you should look for when hiring a professional painter. All of it is provided by the Bourne Decorators team, who also have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to painting, decorating, and woodworking. No matter the project size, creativity is always of the highest quality.

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