Top Home Design Trends Unveiled

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If you’ve been thinking about revamping your home but want to do something a little more unusual than put a fresh coat of magnolia paint on the walls, you might be interested in some of the top home decor trends as identified by Etsy.

House Beautiful shared the findings from the platform, which picked out some of the top choices based on what sellers are making and on what consumers are searching for and buying.

Among them is a revival of tie-dye. Although you might think of it as a fixture of the ‘70s, it’s certainly something that appears to be making a comeback, with 276,000 searches for the term ‘tie-dye’ in the last three months alone.

That’s in addition to 1.7 million searches for ‘70s’ in the past year as well. But it’s a more sophisticated style of tie-dye than the vibrant colours you may remember from years gone by. Pastel shades are all the rage.

It’s no secret that wallpaper has been making a comeback, but it’s not always where you might expect it. Etsy revealed that people are using wallpaper in increasingly creative ways, to add colour or patterns to staircases and furniture, such as dressers.

Floor and stair decals are both search terms that have seen a rise in popularity, as well as tile decals.

Of course, you may also want help with some more traditional wallpapering in Hampshire if you’re giving your home a facelift.

This was named by as an increasingly popular choice among homeowners recently, with more people keen to add intricate designs to their walls rather than sticking to just paints.